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Panasonic GH4 glitches/issue
  • Hey guys,

    I've been having these glitches(see pictures below). They started a few months ago, (I checked my older footage). But it's not just mine, three rental models had the exact same issue! Is this a known issue with this model? It ruined a quite some of my shoots.

    Also, I send for repair and they put in a new 'mainboard'. But that hasn't solved the problem. I returned it again but I don't have a good feeling about it.

    Any suggestions?

    photo Fuckup1.png

    photo Fuckup2.png

    photo Fuckup3.png

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  • I had similar issues. It ended up being the computer I was using. I tested it on several computers , both Apple and PCs. But the one computer I had without a dedicated graphics card, a dual core, was the one with the artifacts.

    It was mainly during scenes what the lot of information in them. Moving leaves, grass, lots of movement and high contrast.

    Unfortunately, I thought it was the camera. I deleted a lot of the footage I had. Then I recovered some of the older footage and discovered that it was still usable just not on that machine.

  • That's what I thought! But I already tested it on several system's(WIN&OSX) and used a variety of different SD cards(from simple class 10 to sdxc uhs-i u3 cards). All have the same problem :(

  • Additionally, the footage from my G7(with the same settings) is just fine.

  • i encountered this exact same issue. I checked the footage on the camera itself, and no glitches existed. Turns out the error occurred during the transfer from SD card to computer.