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2015 Volleyball World Grand Prix Week 4 | Pool H - Highlight
  • With Lumix GH4 with few different lens, and recorded in 96fps high speed.

    World Grand Prix 2015, Hong Kong has Thailand, USA, Japan and China teams.

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  • Lovely videoing =)
    Please a ladder to kiss such towering high women. So difficult to rotate amidst mid air attack or to switch up-down stroke to inside-outside so rival blocks the ball out. Rear (no look) pass is one of my personal favs... Love this game where it's all about team effort and mutual trust, you go fly and attack, maybe setter (reading court) sees fit and serves you, maybe not, but you go the same (syncing for short incisive pass), attackers (not chosen) must regroup for blocking and rear defense already in for ricochet and faints... sometimes an angel comes from back row and delivers a merciful stroke, tic tak tactics and we start again on the other side.
    Thanks 4 sharing ,-)

  • Looks good. hot chicks.