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Playback Menu Issue
  • I bought a used GH4 recently. I am having a peculiar issue with the camera. When i scroll down to the PLAYBACK option and then use the right ARROW key to enter the PLAYBACK menu's many options the screen goes black for a second (similar to the black screen delay which happens when we go from the MENU to the LIVE DISPLAY mode which is normal). Also if i go from the Live Display mode to the MENU by clicking the center button and if i had exit the MENU screen last from the PLAYBACK menu then again the slight delay black screen thing will happen if i toggle to the PLAYBACK menu's options. This does not happen when i scroll to the other Options in the menus like SETUP, MOTION PICTURE, CUSTOM etc. or if i enter MENU screen from Live Display mode in these options or Vice Versa. I also updated my firmware to 2.2 but it did not help. And NO, i am not accidentally placing my hand in front of the EVF of the camera which is causing the black out.

    Is it some issue with the camera or is there some option in the menu that can fix this? Thanks