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Cine lenses and gh2
  • It seems like theres a bunch of people who shoot with a bigger budget aswell. :)
    I'm curious as to your experiences with the gh2 and cine lenses?

    Experiences of individual lenses (on other cameras) will also do nicely, as long as we're talking cine lenses.
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  • Well, I've gotten a set of Lomo OCT-19 lenses. While I haven't used them on a shoot yet, the test I've done have been impressive. They look great (better than my Nikons). But a big part is in their mechanics. I AC a lot on cine cameras and these deliver all the things I like there.

    Here's a list of all the things that I like more:
    1. Tight fit! I had an issue with getting image shifts with many lenses, but not any more. I much prefer a lock fit (like PL or OCT-19) as I find it much easier to change and to get a tight fit.
    2. No breathing. More important than you think. Not all focusing is rack focusing. It's not odd to "follow" a person with the focus and minimizing breathing helps a lot.
    3. All the marks are located on the side. This is the way cine lenses are made and for good reason! It is so much easier.
    4. Correct distance marks! This helps A LOT more than you think.
    5. Stepless aperature. While it can be modded on many lenses, it's just so much nicer to have it from the start. And in T-stops, as it's supposed to be!
  • Cheers Gabel for your input!
    Any specifics on what oct-19s you have tried out would be highly appreciated. (Housing, Focal lengths/aperture) and so on..
  • Well, the ones I have tried are the ones I own, a set of sphericals (right now only 22, 35 and 50, but that's 95% of what I use...) all in T2.4.
  • Thanks for starting this thread @RRRR ...

    @Gabel Any chance we can see some footage with featuring your lenses on the GH2? Also, do you use a follow focus and matte box with your lenses, and if so which ones? Cheers!
  • Same here with Lomo OCT-19's. I'm thankful I got my set (mix of standard and fast primes) before their prices shot up this year.
    I also have a set of Lomo anamorphic lenses: 30mm & 35mm square front and 50mm round front. In the world of DSLR video, that's one way to produce a definitive unique look.
    Now that I also use the NEX5-N, my Lomo's look even better (except with GH2's higher bit rate).
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  • @qwety123: Will do, as soon as I can! I use a Shoot35 follow focus and a TrusMT matte-box with them. I have a homemade Universal Donut (it helps a lot when your moms a seamstress). Out of the lenses only the 22 is geared, but I've ordered gears from RAF Camera, however the factory were out of materials... So in the meanwhile I'm using a Shoot35 Flexgear. But this is a good moment to ask if there is somebody here who has an idea of where to get 360 degree gears for these lenses?
  • If you're OCT-19 lenses are Kinor type (the other is old Konvas 2M) you can remove their gears or grips around the focus wheels then install ordinary 3rd party gears
  • Ah, snap gears, good idea! I need to call Tim about some other things, could check if he can make large diameter ones.

    @ed_lee83: Mine are 2M versions...
  • Interesting thread on Illuminas on reduser:

    New they are a bit more expensive than the b-sets I saw on ebay.
    Anyone on here managed to try them out?
  • Duclos has an interesting post comparing CP.2 lenses to cine-moded ZF lenses here:

    Of course, he has a financial interest in making the cine-moded ZFs sound almost as good as CP.2s... but his review seems pretty reasonable and even-handed. Thoughts?
  • @RRR I only see S16 on the 'bay . . . those won't cover M4/3, will they?
  • @B3Guy, no the s16 won't work with the m43 (except for those above circa 25mm).
    This is the company that has been selling on e-bay:

    (They also have for sale b-stock sets on their own website) @ about 27k.
  • Some S16 zooms might cover the m43 sensor at the farthest end of the zoom. For examPle my Angie 15-150 covers it at roughly 110+