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Review wanted for cs600 led light
  • Saw in ebay. What your thoughts PV? Good steel for 2 panels?!

    640 x 960 - 105K
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  • My thoughts: I am not familiar with the quality, but is seems to be a fair price, not a steal. If you plan to use batteries, the V-type is expensive, and the cost will then be comparable to the Aputure 672C (which also comes with a remote control).

    Note that you get full output only at 4200K - unit emits only 50% light at 3200K or 5600K (same with Aputure 672C).

    Replaceable LED tubes is nice if you can find tubes for sale at different colors - e.g 5600K only, not a mixture of 3200/5600. However, I am not sure, judging from the pictures on eBay, that the tube contacts are high quality and will provide solid connection for years to come.

  • You should look at some of the panels available on the PV deals.

  • Well, it looks not bad.

    As for issues with some temperatures, all except real top LEDs have them.