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A patch for doc. with GOP 1 and LOW mbps max?
  • For documentary i have used Sanity 5.1 @Ralph_B and Space @Driftwood , that i use also in ETC MODE. Now i try to use Pictoris v5b hybrid cbr, but i have note same banding in shadows. On gh2 monitor i noticed less jaddering in motion than 24p and HBR). Maybe it's my old pc. There is posibility to create a patch with last matrix (2014/2015) that have:

    • 50i GOP 1 (like SMBU V1, EOSHD 88 UNIFIED, PICTORIS)
    • HBR GOP1
    • 50p low GOP
    • bitrate max FSH 40 mbps intraframe,
    • good for doc.,
    • Death Charts


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  • People, please help me. Also with patch that i don't know.

  • Sorry, afaik it's impossible to have a decent gop1 low bitarte hack; it needs to be at least around 100mbps.

  • Try "GH3onaGH2". It seemed to have a nice look for docs. Not sure on bitrate - double check this.