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LitePad or 312
  • I apologize if there is already a topic that covers this. I am looking into getting a new on-camera light. I am deciding between the 312 and a LitePad 3x6 or 3x12.

    I like being able to switch color temp with the 312 and I love the low power, soft light of the LitePad for interviews.

    I'd be using it primarily for run and gun and interviews. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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  • Can't quite understand that you want making such comparisons.
    Do you mean Rosco LitePad? it is stuff made from cheap, low CRI leds. And it is not on camera light.
    This is my understanding.
  • Sorry about being vague. Yes, I meant the Rosco LitePad. When you add the Axiom housing, it can be mounted a variety of ways and filters can be added.

    This is the pads in action:

    If you know a better option, I'd love to learn it. I like that it's bright enough for basic lighting, but not too bright to have close to the subject.
  • @TheMonk - Joel from Rosco here. Where are you? Depending on where you live, I might be able to arrange a demo. LitePads are great on-camera lights for up-close action and in darker areas. They are designed to have a sharp fall-off, so they can't throw light far distances or compete with bright ambient light. The 3x12 puts out more light than the 3x6, but the 3x6 will balance better on the camera if you're hand-held. Feel free to contact me directly -