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Dual GoPro 4 Blacks Shooting 3D in 2.7K 60p
  • This is a 1080 60p sbs 3D video.

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  • Damn, I was just doing a shoot this weekend this way, except 4:3. And ironically, I will be in Barcelona this August, shooting in just this way. Why are you shooting in this format?

  • @sage 2.7K medium FOV gives a very sharp picture. With alignment adjustments one loses resolution, so rendering the final video to 1080 gives very sharp results, compared with shooting in 1080. 60p has the advantage of smooth motion and allows a closer time synch across the two cameras.

  • how do you manage to keep them in sync ? If I remember right, only GoPro 1 and 2 had 3d sync

  • @zcream The GoPro 3+ also has synch. For the 4's, the Smart wifi remote starts and stops each camera simultaneously. I use a clap and/or a clicker for each shot so that I can align the two views in the editor using audio peaks. This works fairly well, and the higher the frame rate the less room for error (hence the 60 fps). Many people shoot 3D with two un-synched cameras and use the audio synch method.

    The GoPro duo case for the 3+ fits the 4's the same, so that provides the physical alignment. GoPro has indicated that it is working on getting synch for the 4, like the 3+.

  • Thats cool. I'm not using it for standard 3d purposes, but the same challenges still apply. I'm using frame interpolation to achieve a passable sync at wide 4:3. I built a rig to align them at human 64mm ipd, with a stereo mic. The wireless remote and audio sync are genuinely helpful ideas to make sync less struggle.