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Canon 5D Mark IV official topic
  • image


    • 30.4Mp CMOS FF sensor
    • Dual AF capability
    • 61 AF points
    • 150,000-pixel RGB + IR photometry sensor
    • 4kp30, 4kp24 500mbit MJPEG mode, 4:2:2 recording
    • 1080p60, 720p120 video H.264
    • Image processing engine DIGIC6 +
    • LCD 3.2" 1.62Mdots, touch screen
    • 100% FOV viewfinder, 0.71x magnification
    • 7 fps serial shooting
    • 15 million actuations shutter life
    • Wi-Fi (only old n standard), GPS, NFC
    • Mirror vibration control system
    • SD and CompactFlash slots
    • Special RAW mode preserving all Dual Pixel info
    • USB 3.0
    • HDMI output
    • Dust and water protected
    • 150.7mm x 116.4mm x 75.9mm
    • 890g with battery
    • $3499 US, €3,699 in Europe, $4299 CAD in Canada, shipping at October 1st
    • Preorder at
    496 x 488 - 34K
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  • Why not to choose between the LX100, GH4, FZ1000, or the upcoming G7 if 4k is the thing that you want?

  • I think the 5D Mark IV will be the first canon DSLR with real 1080p.

  • Hopefully it will make the 5DIII price drop under 2k

  • I am using a GH4. It's about the full frame Sensor recording in 4k im interested in.

    I read that there might be two version of the mark 4 one particulary for video.

  • Release next week.

    Preliminary specs

    • 30.4Mp CMOS FF sensor
    • Dual AF capability
    • 4kp30, 4kp24, 1080p60, 720p120 video
    • 500mbit MJPEG mode, 4:2:2 recording
    • 7 fps serial shooting
    • Wi-Fi
    • SD and CompactFlash slots
  • I'm almost in shock that Canon is actually gonna put all this in a 5D! I never thought i'd see the day that they would do this with a Non "C" badged Camera. Good for Canon. I suspect this will be a major success for them. I am surprised that they are sticking with CF cards, tho that could be a selling point for users who are loaded with those cards.

  • 500 Mbits mjpeg mode, 422 recording?? from what source ? I can not see anything about it in any source ..

  • @last_SHIFT

    Must be, as it is main trend now.


    This one I do not remember, one of the rumors.

  • If they don't use pixel binning or a full sensor read out the crop for UHD will be around 1.7x which will be smaller than APS-C size. Tough to get excited about that crop or the 500 Mbps codec. An MFT camera with Speedbooster can provide less of a crop plus an extra stop of light gathering.

  • You forgot to mention 8 bit recording.

    I see no reason to get exited from a video perceptive of things: probably a cropped 4k UHD video ~ 1,75x crop factor + MJPG codec which is an absolutely ancient and terrible to use (it has no hardware acceleration in modern editing programs and consumes a lot of recording and storage media).

    As a still camera I'm sure it will be great thought!

  • yeah, Canon just reselling what they can nothing breath taking.

  • At least they're finally putting 4K in a body which will probably cost less than $5000.

    It'll also be interesting to see what the magic lantern folks can do with it once the firmware is dumped.

  • Yes and that's about 2 years from now once there is a stable hack for it. I can scale my raw footage to 4K image out of my 5D M3 that looks good right now.

  • 5D4 specs are ok.. For me the 5D3 is all that I need in a camera I know it does not have 14 Stops of DR but if you use it's 12 spots properly you can pull-off beautiful imagery. Plus a bonus ML RAW what else can you ask for.

  • It'll also be interesting to see what the magic lantern folks can do with it once the firmware is dumped.

    What is the ML progress for latest bodies? As I understand it is not much.

  • Ugh - the words magic lantern remind me that I still have my 50D

  • @TrackZillas my point exactly.Thank you.

    Use the equipment that you own, live the life and don't get addicted to the new name of outdated technology ;-)

  • @robertGL Use to love the 50D image with Magic Lantern. @Tommyboy exactly use the equipment you own, I think people under estimate the power of the 5D3 RAW & don't trully know it's full potential.. Plus from the footage that I've seen it rivals a lot of the High end Cinema Cameras.

  • Updated specs in first post.

  • I'm not sure I could be less impressed.

  • I took myself forward to the future and back and I must say I ended up buying the canon camera again 4 years from now just because they released a new one that was above and beyond other manufacturers offerings and it played so nicely with my L series lenses. Lesson learn live the life save your prime equipment (Lenses) since it doesn't scream and ask you for food.

  • Battery grip image


    435 x 358 - 20K