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Transcend SDXC stable GH2 settings
  • Please post here stable and quality settings for PTool patch that specially works on very popular Transcend SDXC 25MB/s.
    It is optimal memory card with modern SDXC file system 64GB, very good price, good brand, lifetime warranty, but not fast as Sandisk Extreme 30MB/s
    or Sandisk Extreme pro 45MB/s pricy 32GB cards.
    Unfortunately some better and faster settings failure with card speed problem.
    But some of settings works well but record stops at file size reaches 4GB.
    Good stable setting for this card needed for events shooting, weddings or shows, there 20 minutes on 32GB card is not enough.
    One event day for me is maximum 4-5 hours of footage for one camera.
    I would like use no more than 2x64GB cards for that.
    It would be 24p, but it's important for me also 50p(60p) mode works as well.
    Thank you!

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  • I am sorry, but I will be closing this.
    Otherwise we'll soon have big number of similar topics.

    If you are the pro shooting 5 hours, I do not understand why not to use SanDisk.
  • SanDisk is not 64GB actually.
    I work with 5DmkII two years.
    It writes 3 hours 15 min on Transcend 64GB CF x400 without buffer stops.
    I stopped use 32GB about year ago, don't want to go back to 32GB
  • I think I get your point generically...

    I think you want a solid Class 10 patch for SDXC media that should work across the board for all 20MB/s cards at consistent 160mbps for long format recording. This would include the Lexar 128GB SDXC card rated at 20MB/s.

    To be realistic, the extra 5MBps on the 25MBps rating of the Transcend SDXC is probably more peak performance overhead than average performance from what I can tell, so you may have to give up the last little bit of performance for stability.

    I've never had issues with the 64GB Transcend SDXC media until trying 66mbps patches or above, which works frequently but seem inconsistent at times...
  • It is not practical use 3x32GB to hour SanDisk Extreme Pro for 4-5 hours = 12 SDHC for long events.
    I think just copy 12 cards might take too much time and I don't want sit over night for changing memory cards.
    It only for one-camera, what about multicams?
  • $499 (OUCH!!!) for 64GB SDXC...
    SanDisk Extreme® Pro™ SDHC™/SDXC™ UHS-I Memory Cards
    For faster speed (up to 95 MB/s*), shoot with the SanDisk Extreme® Pro™ SDHC™ and SDXC for 64GB UHS-I memory cards. Compromise nothing with SanDisk Extreme Pro SDHC and SDXC UHS-I memory cards. Experience RAW + JPEG continuous burst mode shooting and capture fast-action Full HD† video like never before. When every shot counts, choose SanDisk Extreme Pro SDHC/SDXC UHS-I memory cards for your DSLR or HD camcorder.

    While the SanDisk 64 GB Ultra card is too slow at only Class 4, and the new SanDisk Extreme Pro 64GB is way overpriced.

    At $100 or less, I agree the 64GB Transcend SDXC is the best option right now for Class 10 SDXC and worth consideration for spanning as well.
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev
    <...Transcend is the best option right now for Class 10 SDXC.>
    For all these reasons I think is very important topic for many users who makes long events or concerts.
    Please don't close this topic.
  • For which camera do you want the patch for GH1 or GH2
  • GH2 of cause!
  • For stable recording with spanning at 24p I found cbrandin 66Mb/s at H and L.

    50p not stable. After long clip before power off to replace battery you must record any short clip.

  • I've got to say that I've got Quantum 100-50 working quite well on a Samsung SD 16gb Plus Class 10 and I benchmarked it at only 15MB/s write speed.

  • Hi Guys, I'm also using a Transcend 64gb Class 10. Keep having problem with 720p 50fps. All else is fine. Is there any patch that can solve my problem? Thanks in advance.

  • I haven't tested 64gb cards but LPowells 100mb Flowmotion patch gave me aproximately 50min on a 16gb Transcend Class 10 card. So for 64gb it should give around 3.5hr. Spanned at 24p, didn't test the rest but I assume they will also span.

  • Hello.

    i use SMBUv2 on trancend SDXC 64gb NO PROBLEMO.... also... b pictoris works perfect too...

  • i'm sorry, what is SMBUv2?

  • for theme of the topic: Cluster, Sanity, Cake (?), Flow Motion

  • i've tried several hacks, but still gives me the card speed error message. The best so far I've tried is Aquamotion 2, rarely gives me the card error message, but still once in awhile it does. not perfect. i shoot mostly on 720p 50fps.

    Shot this recently:

    It gets very irritating when there are magic moments that weren't captured due to the card error message.

    any other Transcend card user that could recommend me a more stable patch for 720p 50fps?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Cluster V6. works perfectly at all modes (24,25,50) at Transcend SDXC 64GB. I suggest it can work also at slower Transcend SDHC but 24H/L spans at SDHC only at 'Nebular' settings.

  • Amazon's lowered their prices on Transcend cards a little this week, so I'm getting ready to take the plunge. But I'd like to know if the new Ultimate line, the 600x cards marked SDXC, will work in a GH2; I've been reading the threads here, and I'm hearing different accounts as to whether SDXC cards work.

    (Just to save people some time: no need to warn me about spanning. I just need resolution on whether the cards work in the first place.)