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Remote flash trigger for GH4?
  • I'm trying to find some DECENT remote flash triggers for the GH4 but it's not easy.

    Does anybody know of any good flash triggers/transmitters that are GH4 compatible? With good range and reliability?

    I'm using Nissin and Metz flashes

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  • Check out these Yongnuo triggers -

    Both the Canon and Nikon versions work with Olympus and Panasonic cameras. You should also check out the YN560-TX controller if you want to control groups including Yongnuo radio flashes like the YN560II/III (this can remotely adjust their power levels) -

  • Last month I looked at the available flash+trigger choices too, and gone over many of the available online reviews. The Yongnue flash/trigger appeared as a favourite due to its decent construction and cheap price, although IIRC people had some work to do to fit the trigger to the GH line (can't find the link to the reference atm). Then I found that Cactus may be a safer choice albeit at a higher price.

    The deciding factor was the perceived compatibility of the trigger unit with my GH3 hot shoe and not missing any feature (confirmed by the factory), company being in HK and not China -> better communication in English, and overall forums claim of better quality.

    See here: Products page:

    A good review on the Yongnue flash unit mounted on the GH3: (but he doesn't seem to excercise the trigger unit).

    Note (per Cactus rep) that the Cactus trigger V6 can also remotely control the Yongnuo YN-560 IV (don't know about the YN-560 III model) except controlling its power.

    I will go with the Cactus.

  • Those Yongnuos look interesting. I'm just hoping the range would be good enough.

    What do you guys think about this?

  • As I alluded in my comment, be carful and verify compatibility with the GH's hot shoe pin-out. Those Yongnuos you refered to are for Canon

  • The RF603II for Nikon and Canon models are both compatible with micro four thirds cameras, the only difference between them is the "wake from sleep" protocol implemented - one for Canon the other for Nikon. This is not supported by Panny or Olympus anyway, so you can buy either trigger and run 100%.

    I've used them on both the GH4 and LX100 cameras. I have been able to get 1/320 to 1/400 flash sync with the GH4 (depending on the aspect ratio) together with the YN560II flash. I can get up to 1/4000 sync on the LX100 because it utilizes a leaf shutter. I've never tested the max range but they've been said to reliably reach out to 100m.

    I can't speak to the YN622C, that unit is designed to work with Canon flashes that also support HSS. I don't think they'll work with a GH4 and your flash units, but I could be wrong.

  • I have now searched for the old reference that talked about the need to modify the Yongnuo trigger for the MTF camera (Post from 2011. Talks about interfacing to Panny G3, and in the comments also to GH1):

    @Tron - you talk about RF603II that is compatible with Panny - the reference talked about RF603C. It appears, based on your experience, that the RF603II pinout might be different than the RF603C and it is now fully electrically compatible with the GH. That's good news.