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Werner Herzog Reviews: The Red One MX, The Sony F-35, and the Digital Bolex 16
  • Very grateful to do a test with the world-famous filmmaker, Werner Herzog. He came down to my studio last week to do a quick test for his next film, "Untitiled Film About Death and Little People." Special thanks to the actors and the camera people - Nachiketa Amin, Phil Kibbe, and Carolina Ravassa and my producer Lily Henderson. Dedicated to the character development coaches I had - Chris Bagnall, Mariel Snynan, John Meese, Jaimie DeFina, and Sean Kennedy and my film school teacher who said, "Werner, you are never going to make it. Not with that facial hair." I graded DPX files 12 bit out of f35, redlogcine and reddragoncolor2, and BMD gamma from DB. My coloring job was lackluster, to say the least. Inconsistent. Digital Bolex fans - I'm sorry - I couldn't figure out how to make the footage not look terrible. I am sorry. I failed you. I am ready for you to tell me how I loaded in the footage wrong. That is okay. I make many mistakes in life.

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  • I could not find the URSA Mini in there. can you tell me where it is?

  • You didn't have any luts to apply to the footage? I'd recommend getting the Visioncolor Impulz pack - they are worth it imho

  • @eddavid Wow, Herzog! First of all, I recommend you to give a look here:

    it is a very important article, anyone working with DB should read it..

  • I improved the skin tones dramatically in this version -

    - made more natural and really fixed the Digital bolex footage!

  • Werner Herzog responds: " I drag Klaus Kinski's boat ( from Aquirre, The Wrath of God) to run over your camera! Which one I have yet to decide. Maybe the Sanyo Single 8. That was NOT tested!!??

    ( Herzog stole the camera used to shoot Aquirre, The Wrath of God from the Munich Film School)

  • No offense, but the grading is terrible on both - if you send me a download link, I would be happy do give it a shot.

  • Nothing underlines the credibility of a camera test more than footage that's out of focus...

  • I find your lack of pop filter disturbing.

  • So you wrote URSA MINI in title just to have more viewers to your video test?

  • Access to gear =/ talent. Also yeah again go to hell for the clickbait URSA title.

  • @EDDAVID....I generally try to stay out of the critics corner but I couldn't finish watching that. Color grading wasn't good...may be artsy to some, but not to my eye. The camera work flat sucked and the audio was.........not the best. Sorry!