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GH1 hacks: reliability, priority for weddings. Which one?
  • What hack is best with the GH1 for prioritizing reliability? (Working with mid level SD cards) As I use mine for weddings, and have had it glitch a couple of times, thus looking for something reliable.

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  • I do not have a GH1, but a G2. I use lpowell fast GOP 3 and it is very stable. I never got lock up. I think other lpowell settings will serve your GH1 nicely. May be a good idea is to check 75Mbps Peak Reliability thread or 40Mbps In-Camera Reliability. If you want the highest quality of native 24p, then you might risk the reliability. These setting include blackout-lpowell, 100Mbps maximum latitude, or Varigop.

  • Nah I don't mind missing out on the highest quality possible, if I can get 80% there that is all good :-)