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Some thoughts about camera screens
  • Don't want to talk about outdated 460k screens Panasonic still uses in most fo their system cameras.

    I want to see camera without ANY screen, and with ability to attach for extra $200 something like Samsung HD Super AMOLED 5.3” 1280 x 800 screen with capacitive touchscreen.
    And extra $100 for viewfinder attachment on screen.

    I think, it is time to start making pro cameras without integrated screens.
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  • Personally, I never used screen in my GH2. Only EVF or external monitor. So I completely agree with you.
  • Site about OLED, especially good for cameras are their Super AMOLED Plus screens (due to full color res).
  • I don't think that it would work unless every one adapted a common standard. Which I very much doubt, even throw it would save them all a ton of money in the long run.

    I see Sony doing something like this, but it would probably cost too much money.

    Realistically I think its more likely that we will see a wireless standard for liveview for a tablet computer/smartphone
  • @bitcrusher

    All will be ok.
    Initially one company could make it, and later all will copy.
    No screen could be real differentiator for pro cameras.
    And good HD Amoleds offered for reasonable prices could be another.
    We already see OLEDs in Sony cameras.
    And looking at progress, we'll see FullHD Amoled screens and viewfinders in two year time.
  • You talking just a barebone m43 body with lots of buttons and connectors. Basically stripped down version of AF100 at $1500?
  • Once I've got my HDMI monitor for my rig, the plan is to use the GH2 screen to display the current settings in the settings display mode it has. Folded back into the body, but flipped so visible.
  • I use the screen on my GH2 for the exposure meter because the GH2 doesnt leave it up pn external monitors... now if I could make is so I monitor with my liliput and can have the exposure meter on the screen as well then Id be set