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Ministurdyflight 3 axis hand held gimbal

    New hand held gimbal a la Pilotfly - videos on the website look good, and afaik its a 32-bit controller. Max weight - 1.3kg. Price? 849 euro. Other interesting stuff under development too..

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  • On one of the comment on the youtube video it said 8bit? So 32bit or 8bit? The video they posted looks smooth but very strobish (no nd so probably shoot at stupidly high shutter speed) .

  • What YouTube video? Go to the website and check the videos they've put up there. No strobing, smooth movement. Looks very good.

  • This is what I am talking about, the video not smooth at all! Though the gimbal itself is smooth.

  • The video is at 15fps. That's why it's weird. I didn't even know you can upload a video at 15fps. Clearly these people do not know anything about video. I know bandwidth can still be an issue for people but it's not the year 1992 anymore.

  • This is a much better footage by another guy, even thought gimbal is amazing but video is surely not the gimbal creator's forte.

  • Btw it is 8bit controller too, as confirmed on their FB page, btw you can request your gimbal to be pre-tuned to your camera config before they send it out, pretty neat.

  • It looks like the handle attaches via a 1/4 20? That's good, it opens a lot of possible handle solutions to be installed.

    Does anyone have any info on what kind of batteries this takes, how they attach or where they go?