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GH4 Wifi problems, I need help
  • Hi,

    I have the GH4 since well over a year. I tested the Wifi function when I got it and it worked quite well compared to the GH3. Now I had to film some squences on a crane and it would have been nice to use it, but it did not work any more. There were no previous connetions that I had before in the camera any more and when I tried to reconnect, the Panasonic Image App (Iphone 6) did not recognize the QR code and the GH4 did not provide any information (SSID and Password) for manual connection. It does not even provide a device name.

    Any suggestions? Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Any suggestions? Any help would be appreciated.

    Get another phone, for starters.

  • I have resetted the Wifi settigns in the GH4 and the blue lamp does not glow when I press the Wifi button FN1.

  • @ Vitaliy, Unlikely, for the GH4 does not provide SSID or password, which is should. It also does not provide a device name. But I can try.

  • OK, I tried it with an Iphone 5 and it still does not work. I frame the QR code in the App and nothing happens.

  • Well, you can try just any app that can recognize QR code and check the contents.

  • Ok, I try that.

  • Here you see what the GH4 shows, and what another QR code reader reads out: nothing

    640 x 852 - 117K
    750 x 1334 - 100K
  • Then try manual connection phone to camera with SSID and passkey.

  • But the GH4 does not provide an SSID or password. See the pictures. That seems to be the problem.

  • I talked to a Panasonic service technician and most probably it is broken. I send it to a service center so they can repair it.

  • They did it again! I send the GH4 to Panasonic on Wednesday and got it back today, Saturday. The Wifi is repaired at no cost on warranty. This is service. Thank you Panasonic Service Center Rendsburg, Germany.