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Help me to decide: Pilotfly H1 or Ipower 3-Axis
  • I need some inexpensive gimbal and Pilotfly H1 look like the best option for light cameras. The Ipower 3-Axis brushless gimbal its a very cheap option for U$498, but with few references. Virtually the 4000 Nebula is interesting, but seeing the tests isnt very convincing and in my country no stores that have these to test, so I have to choose the most suitable.

    Im open to another options, but under U$700.

    Thanks friends.

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  • Get good advice - buy only good known product with support, good software and adjustment options.

    All else is just money you throw into the toilet.

  • Thanks for the adive VK, you have all reason.

    The great problem is that a reliable gimbal is very expensive, over U$1,400

    Nebula its very new and therefore do not know the answers of the manufacturer on its gimbal in the immediate. And from Ipower we dont know nothing.

  • I need to make a decision, Im over time.

    I was thinking to stretch the budget a bit already out of mislimites for Moza Lite, but the delivery is in 20 days and in that time, and the film would be finished. The Ministurdy Flight looks like a good option, although to be pistol is a bit expensive, posibly I buy the Pilotfly H1.