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Panasonic GH2 not recognizing SD card
  • So, I have a problem, and that is that my GH2 will not recognize that there is a card inside of it, no matter what I do. I have tried about 10 different sd cards, ranging from good to bad and small to big. Nothing works. I have even tried licking the card.

    Can this possibly be fixed without disassembling the camera, or would it have to be taken apart to be fixed? and if it does have to be taken apart would I end up having to replace the whole main board?

    I am incredibly sad about my GH2, so any advice would make me happy. Thanks;)

    p.s I will probably only be able to reply tomorrow as it's almost late now.

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  • Hmm. Maybe try out a "SD cleaning card" (maybe your contacts are only dirty). Also try to blow out the slot with an air-blower. I think that´s the max you can do (without a disassemble). Otherwise you need to take it apart - OR send it in for a repair to Panasonic. Though ask for a price BEFORE sending it in ^^.

  • Thanks for replying and especially for mentioning the cleaning sd cards, I have never heard of them before, definitely gonna try one out.