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m43 to Canon EF Kipon adapter with AF
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    The market price for this adapter is 285USD,will be on sale from May 10, 2015.


    714 x 657 - 60K
    743 x 652 - 71K
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  • Do they have any plans to make a "speed booster" version?

  • wonder what "high speed" really means ?

  • On their EF-NEX page it appears just be similar to metabones in terms of feature and performance, but the EF-MFT version have High Speed AF all over the page.. interesting.

  • Up to now, this kind of adapters has a very bad AF functionality ( poor accuracy and very slow response). I guess this version is near to AF response we get with its native mount

  • Looks very good!

  • There's no tests for video mode?

  • Video probably wont be as good, even the native lens I only use AF to get quick lock focus. But this is really interesting, if they can make E-mount as fast and add a speedbooster to their M43 mount it will be the winner!

  • No news on this?

  • There is some delay for 'unknown' reasons

  • they're for sale on ebay !

  • But not more infos yet?

  • I ordered one, but slow shipping from China. I'll report when I get it

  • I've just received mine: IS doesn't supported (at least with my copy) as they say... I'm waiting response from seller, as I can't find any official KIPON website for support & firmware updates for it yet

  • Oh this sucks! keep us updated!

  • A quirk of the adapter by the way is that, if during your shots you need to turn it to MF, and then back to AF, you'll need to turn off the camera in order for the AF start working again...

  • Update from seller about the problem with non functioning Image Stabilisation option on their new KIPON AF adapter: "The Image Stabilisation is not supported on the GH4"... Really? So, this comes in opposition of what they promote on their official page for this special adapter: "This adapter equipped with electronic contact and built-in circuit board with chip, besides auto-focus and stability function, also can transmit precise EXIF information to the camera body". Any comments on this bad behaviour guys?

  • @yiannis_zach

    Calm down. Lens protocols are not official and very complex.

    Nothing wrong that some things have issues with some cameras.

  • Sure @Vitaliy_Kiselev , but when you pay $300 for something that is advertised to do a specific job and then you don't get it, it is simply kind of spam. Why they don't simply say from the beginning with which cameras is able this adapter to be fully functional, like Metabones do for example?

  • @yiannis_zach

    Because you need to make extensive tests with all this cameras.

    I also really suggest to try to look at this from other angle.

  • Well, permit me to say that personally I can't accept such experiments with my pocket...

    "I also really suggest to change tone and try to look at this from other angle."

    I don't get you exactly, sorry... What do you mean?

  • I don't see stabilisation anywhere on the advertising

  • @mrbill : "besides auto-focus and stability function"