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FCP7 Editing 4K in smaller resolution and conforming it later.
  • Hi everyone, I have a question regarding editing my 4K footage on my FCP7.

    What I do now is I transcode the 4K footage (H264) to 4K (ProRes) and edit away on a 1080 sequence - if the delivery asks for 1080.

    The problem is that once I render the sequence and decide to change some small things around or add/trim clips, I have to render again for every step that I change and overall it can be very time consuming.

    Is there a way to for example transcode the 4K original footage to a 720p small files JUST FOR THE EDIT and then once the sequence is a lock, conform the clips in the sequence back to their original size (4K) and export the sequence in 1080 and 4k?

    Thank you so much.

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  • May be a simple suggestion but I have found if you toggle RT unlimited then the dreaded red bar of rendering, after even the tiniest edit, appears to go away. I'd say it then becomes viable to edit 4k on FCP7, without doing this, as your are experiencing, it is just a huge PITA.