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DaVinci Resolve 17 and older 16 and 15
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  • @Azo Shian mentioned a QT gamma lift issue here:

    and we touched on monitor calibration. I don't use resolve (yet) so I haven't seen the issue.

  • @CFreak

    Thank you for the links. Somebody mentioned on one of those posts that they changed the gamma on the monitor from Mac to PC. I will try that and recalibrate my monitors. I am also not sure what the White Luminance level should be but I read somewhere to set it at 100 for video so thats what its set at and thats what I will recalibrate for. Hopefully this fixes the issue.

  • I changed the gamma on my monitor to PC recalibrated the monitor with the ColorMunki Display and set the White Luminance level to 100. Still no joy... quicktime is noticeably brighter ;-(

    Is this an issue on the PC side as well? Or is this only a Mac anomaly?

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  • @Azo It could be the video vs Data levels issue. Check the output settings in Resolve and see if they are set to Video or Data. Also import the rendered file into FCPX to see if it looks ok there. Also check your scopes in both applications to see the levels.

  • @Azo No problem, you can always edit in proxy mode as well to speed up the process. Maybe the levels (or whatever its called) setting in the deliver area of resolve is set to the wrong parameter? I think it has like auto, video, and data. Try changing it to a different setting to see how it looks. Theres also settings in the nvidia control panel that have options to display things with video or data levels. Maybe its called full range and legal range, cant remember.

  • @caveport @joethepro

    Thanks for the suggestion guys. The solution was in the Color Management Settings. I attached a screenshot in case anybody else has the same problem. The changes to the Timeline Colorspace helped a lot. Now when I render out and view the clip with Quicktime it is just a hair brighter but not really an issue.

    On a side note DaVinci really taxes my Mac Pro with the GTX980. That being said I wouldn't even attempt to load it on my older 8 core Mac Pro. I am now starting to wonder if the GTX980 is the reason why the gamma is off. Apple does not support the GTX980 so I had to load a " Web Driver " to make it work on my Mac Pro. On my older Mac Pro I have the AMD R9 280X but I don't think it will run well on it so I am not going to bother installing it on that.

    Anyways thanks again guys.

    Gamma Settings.png
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  • Blackmagic Design today announced the immediate availability of DaVinci Resolve 12.1 which adds dozens of new features such as remote rendering, 10-bit viewers, new editing and color correction tools, and more. The DaVinci Resolve 12.1 update is available now for both DaVinci Resolve 12 and DaVinci Resolve 12 Studio customers, and can be downloaded from the Blackmagic Design website.

    DaVinci Resolve 12 is the most successful update in the history of the software and has become the industry’s fastest growing video editor. The feedback from the DaVinci Resolve community has been overwhelmingly positive and Blackmagic Design engineers have been hard at work to add even more of the features that professional editors and colorists have asked for.

    DaVinci Resolve 12.1 update gives editors the ability to select clips when using the blade tool, extend freeze frames, use faders on generators and titles, perform negative timecode offsets, filter clips more efficiently, media manage groups of selected timeline clips, sort bins and footage more easily, create better filters for smart bins, and much more. Customers also get improved subclip support with Final Cut Pro 7 XMLs and improved audio rendering of audio transitions.

    What’s new in DaVinci Resolve 12.1

    • Remote rendering on DaVinci Resolve Studio
    • Support for native display color profiles on OS X
    • Preferences option to enable 10-bit precision on viewers on OS X 10.11 El Capitan
    • Ability to select clips when in blade mode
    • Support for faders on generators and titles
    • Ability to extend freeze frames from the start of the edit
    • Ability to media manage selected clips on a timeline
    • Ability to perform negative timecode offset in clip attributes
    • Improved support for sub-clips from FCP7 XML
    • Improved rendering of audio transitions (cross-fades) and audio faders
    • Auto scroll during timeline item resize
    • Improved sorting in media storage and media pool
    • Support for smart bin filtering based on clip type
    • Ability to move clips and timelines from a smart bin view
    • Support for moving files to the trash instead of deleting them permanently when using the media manager on both Mac and Windows systems
    • Ability to delete multiple projects and folders in project manager
    • Ability to decompose a compound node
    • Ability to grade nested timelines
    • Ability to filter clips based on whether they have keyframes
    • Ability to manually keyframe power windows in frame mode even without tracking
    • Ability to freeze the current frame on an external matte
    • User option to copy flags and markers when performing ColorTrace
    • Improved ACEScc support
    • Support for stereo decision list (SDL) v0.25
    • Support for RED SDK v6.0.4
    • Support for embedding timecode in audio output

  • Just updated from version 11 to 12.1.

    Everything with GH4 4k .mov files was very smooth in version 11. But in 12.1 the performance is terrible. Extremely choppy playback, cannot even do work with it.

    Anyone else experiencing same with GH4 footage?

  • I use it with a G7 and a very mediocre video card 650Ti. I need to generate proxies a 1/4 size and than I am fine. That being said I really need to get a better card to do serious editing.

  • @ tonalt In case you've got a proper video I/O, don't use the latest video driver, go back one version. It's an acknowledged bug.

  • Working with FS700 RAW DNGs in DaVinci Resolve

  • Importing graded footage from DaVinci Resolve into Adobe Premiere.

  • Blackmagic Design today announced a free DaVinci Resolve 12.2 update that adds support for the latest color science technologies, along with decoding of HEVC/H.265 QuickTime files on OS X, additional high dynamic range features and more. The DaVinci Resolve 12.2 update is available now for both DaVinci Resolve 12 and DaVinci Resolve 12 Studio customers, and can be downloaded from the Blackmagic Design website.

  • yay, H.265 support!! Samsung NX1 users will be so stoked, over the moon.

    "H.265 support but it’s listed as Studio only on OS X"

    Ohhh.... oh well, I guess it will eventually filter across to the free Windows version as well.

    If you are (like me) considering a new NLE program. Check this out:

    Now available on the Mac App Store for only USD$499, customers have more flexibility than ever before because the software downloaded from the App Store features built in security and does not require a hardware dongle to run. That means customers that purchase DaVinci Resolve 12 Studio from the Mac App Store can run it on multiple personal Macs, like their laptop and desktop computers, simply by using their Apple ID.

  • I just wish they changed their decoder from QuickTime, as it is super inefficient at h264 deciding. I can't even get real time playback on my G7 4K clips, when Blender and even Windows Movie Maker can. This is on a brand new desktop with an i7 6700K, GTX 970, and 16GB of DDR4 memory. I can make proxies or use the render cache, but it takes forever and isn't needed for other programs. Ain't nobody got time for that!

  • As part of their year end efforts, Blackmagic Design also just made DaVinci Resolve 12 Studio (the full version) available for just $499 to Mac users through Apple’s App Store. This is huge as now, Resolve 12 Studio does not require the dongle and can be used on different Mac OSX machines with your Apple ID.

    Blackmagic fusion studio 8

    This massive 50% price drop compared to the $1,000 regular price for Windows/Mac users who want to get it with the dongle (or get it for free when they buy a Production 4K camera or an URSA Major or URSA Mini 4K camera) however does come with a few limitations listed below.

    DaVinci Resolve and DaVinci Resolve Studio on Mac App Store works exclusively in OpenCL regardless of the GPU vendor

    CUDA based processing is unavailable due to sandboxing limitations. As a result, all processing is done on OpenCL irrespective of the type of GPUs. CUDA drivers are not installed The option to ‘Show all mounted volumes in the “Library’’ is unavailable in the App Store Builds

    Users need to explicitly provide Resolve access to folders and drives in “Preferences” in order to be able to access them from the App Store builds

    DaVinci Resolve Control Surface is not available on DaVinci Resolve for App Store (it ships with a dongle each for Mac/Windows and Linux anyway)

    Avid Artist Color is not available in DaVinci Resolve for App Store

    PostgreSQL server is not installed along with the AppStore installation

    The PosgreSQL installation is now optional on the website installer as well. However the AppStore versions as well as the website versions can connect to and use PostgreSQL servers

    No Capture Logs application is available for the App Store installations

    For a non-Studio install, ResolveDebug.txt can be found at: /Users//Library/Containers/com.blackmagic-design.DaVinciResolveLite/Data/Library/Application Support/logs

    For a Studio install, ResolveDebug.txt can be found at: /Users//Library/Containers/com.blackmagic-design.DaVinciResolveAppStore/Data/Library/Application Support/logs

    Other items such as the default Disk Database and the default LUT folder can be found in the same Application Support folder as logs

    DaVinci Resolve for App Store might not fully support 3rd party OpenFX plugins that do not fulfill the Mac App Store sandboxing guidelines – popular plugins like Genarts, Neat Video work fine already

    DaVinci Resolve for App Store does not currently support the ability to add additional VST Effects Plugin folders – the standard VST path works fine

    On-boarding for new installs is not available in the Mac App Store versions currently

  • A lot of limitations that it seems us in the PC world don't need to think about ... ahem. Love limited releases.


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  • How To Color Grade S-Log2

  • Color Grading with DaVinci Resolve — Create a blockbuster cine look

  • 12.3 studio out. adds h265 support for windows.

    • Decode support for HEVC/H.265 QuickTime video in DaVinci Resolve Studio on Windows
    • Added Media Storage context menu option to directly add storage locations without opening Preferences on Mac and Windows
    • Ability to add Media Storage locations without restarting Resolve on Mac and Windows
    • Added support for reading Reel Names in OpenEXR media
    • Added decode support for Sony MPEG2 video files
    • Added support for ARRI RAW sharpness when using the ARRI Full Res Debayer
    • Added support for smaller font sizes on burn-ins
    • Added support for keyboard shortcut for loop on the Edit Page
    • Improved HEVC/H.265 decode performance on Mac in DaVinci Resolve Studio
    • Improved H.264 decode performance on Windows
    • Improved Varicam, MPEG4, AVC and AVC-Intra MXF decode performance on Mac and Windows
    • Improved compressed OpenEXR decode performance
    • Added support for RED SDK v6.1
    • General performance and stability improvements

    I think improved H.264 decode performance is bigger thing.. maybe I can finally really work with GH4 4K-files.

  • They really need to kill this QuickTime thing.