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FS: 3x3 Matte Box Package and Filters (Neutral Density, Circular Polarizer, ND Grad)
  • Several new cameras were announced today, and most of which will need a filter system.

    As luck would have it, I am selling mine:

    image image image image

    I've had great results with this set on Full Frame, S35, and Micro Four Thirds cameras.

    Package includes:

    1 x Cavision 3x3 Matte Box Package - Includes side and top flags, and "nuns knickers".

    4 x Cavision 58mm Conical Step-up Ring with 85mm Outside Diameter - Allows lenses with a 58mm filter thread to engage directly with the matte box. The cone design helps to prevent vignetting. If you have lenses with a smaller filter thread, you can use step up rings to attach these.

    1 x Cavision 85mm to 72mm Threaded Metal Deep Offset Step-Up Adapter Ring - For wide angle lenses with filter threads of 72mm (can be adapted with step rings). This gets the front element of the lens as close as possible to the filter to prevent vignetting. I've used it successfully with an 18mm lens on my 5D3 without vignetting.

    6 x Cavision MBH3X3M 3x3 Metal Filter Tray - Much sturdier then the plastic filter trays that come with the matte box.

    1 x Cavision MBH3X4M 3x4 Metal Filter Tray - For using ND grad filters.

    1 x LockCircle Slider Base with Support Mount (Y) - This allows the matte box to be mounted to rods, while allowing them to slide back and forth for lenses that extend when zooming or focusing.

    1 x Schneider 4 x 4" Five Slot Filter Pouch - Fits four filter trays nicely for fast deployment.


    1 x Schneider Neutral Density (ND) 0.3 Filter (3 x 3")

    1 x Schneider Neutral Density (ND) 0.6 Filter (3 x 3")

    1 x Schneider Neutral Density (ND) 0.9 Filter (3 x 3")

    1 x Schneider Neutral Density (ND) 1.2 Filter (3 x 3")

    1 x Schneider Circular True-Polarizing Filter (3 x 3")

    1 x Tiffen Soft Edge Graduated 0.6 ND Filter (3 x 3")

    Everything has been lightly used and is in great condition. I'd consider selling the filters separately as a set, but I'm not looking to break up the set any further than that at this point.

    Purchased new, this set would be around $1600. I'm offering it up for $1000, with Paypal charges on me and shipped anywhere in the Continental United States.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

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  • Price drop: $900

  • Price drop: $800

  • I'm interested, I just sent you PM.