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4K Black Magic Pocket camera rumors topic
  • image




    • 43 size sensor
    • active MFT mount
    • 1080p60, 4Kp30
    • Price around $1599
    695 x 370 - 35K
    696 x 592 - 75K
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  • 43Rumors say they think it's fake.

  • There's nothing out of ordinary in theses specs - no crazy 4k global shutter 120fps 16 stops raw bullshit. That's what I'd expect (more or less) from an updated Pocket.

  • @Cde

    Let's just wait a little :-)

  • This is probably fake. Wouldn't mind a bigger sensor like M4/3 and more dynamic range and 1080/60p.

  • If it's a real BM press release, they should fire their copywriter/proofreader ("lareger", "almost as small package", "ProRes/Prores", etc.)

  • Yeah, when you rush to create a fake promotional ad, spelling, and believability falls short most of the time.

    I doubt BMD would say "Iris and focus buttons just like in the first pocket. Two new buttons ( on top ) for iso and white balance." I doubt they would even say "buttons" at all

  • :)

    Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 10.11.07 AM.png
    970 x 638 - 168K
  • Fake as a kardashian

  • Completely fake.

  • We'll see that they have on Monday.

  • for me most funny is : canon battery and m4/3 mount:)

  • In the event that it was true - I would have to buy that.

  • Just sayin'.

  • Filed under wishful thinking. Even if not, I'd rather have an updated BMCC with better ergo.

  • Blackmagic micro cinema camera. With drone...

    567 x 727 - 102K
  • I'd bet that image floating around ( above & at eoshd ) of the small blackmagic is the new pocket !

  • Well, it is just Super 16 size sensor again.

    Let's wait a little.

  • here here

    454 x 598 - 404K
  • so....blackmagic micro cinema camera

    a gopro competitor

    or killer if it's anywhere near the same price !!

  • or killer if it's anywhere near the same price !!

    Nothing near it. It is camera made for advanced teams and absolutely different copters than one used with GoPro.

  • ..or is that a blackmagic drone as well ?

    @Vitaliy ...sounds like you have some inside info ?

  • drones prices..

    581 x 210 - 46K
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