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Horror movie shoot on GH1, GH2
  • This is the new trailer we have done.

    Im begening to roll again my movie, so im happy.


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  • BTW, shot on GH1, GH2. 3 lights and lots of good atitude. @shian @apefos @driftwood @LPowell @RRR @nomad @matt_gh2 @thepalalias @cole

  • Amazing. Images incredible. Wish I understood language, but think I got the drift of the story, I definitely want to see this movie once you release. Stunning how good this is.

  • Thanks @mattgh2

    Im glad you enjoy it.

  • The wardrobe design is fantastic - great to have a villain you feel like you've never seen before.

  • Thanks @mrbill

    I didnt realize i had a villain with a new feeling.

    The villain was using a complete soldering costume made of leader with a special treatment turns white the leader. Quiet heavy costume difficult to make a run and makes you sweat like a Olympic champ.

    The mask is duck tape on a aluminum foil as the base.

  • You have a ton of production value with your locations. Agreed on the costume, really original! One editing tip. Horror films tend to show the bad guy very little like almost 15-20% of the film. It helps build the tension of "where is he" and "when will he strike". I think if you follow this rule more, it would be a lot more scary!

  • @discomandavis thanks for your comments.

    Indeed the locations are quiet good. One of the is a slaughter house Killing cattle facility. So blood is real.

    The other one was on a abandoned house from the center of Lima the capital City. This house is from 1820 so was pretty in impresso form.

    About the bad guy, its was intentional to show him off. Im trying not to separate the character, since this is a biography about a canibal. We see him alot , with a mask or without it.

    All this is is narrated by god itself taking his canibal child as a divine example of human individuality and conscience and how his thoughts affects it's genetic structure, it's DNA.

    This enhances some characteristics of the human nature. At last all this happens while love is emerging as an agent of a changing vibration inside the character. Strange things happen

  • Sounds interesting, would like to see it when it's done.

  • You all be advice before release. A personal view special stream.

  • Why the GH1 & GH2, was it because the GH2 came out while you were filming? How was low light filmimg?

  • Hi @Ironfilm

    Yes the GH2 was out during the shooting.

    About the texture GH2 has higher detail, but not that much. There is aliasing on GH2 while GH1 has none.

    either way both have exelent quality for b&w work. Similar dynamic range, and similar white roll off, when properly exposed.

    I prefer GH1 for color reproduction

    About the lenses used.

    Panasonic 14-140 3.5-5.6 canon 50 1.4 FD version

    About he lights: 3 arri fresnel 600 watts tungsten flags with c stands

  • WOW I so much prefer this trailer than the other one!!!
    Yet when the beat kicks in around 58''... I really don't know how to put it... but for me it relates too much to the groove (which actually it's a very nice idea, I read it as and so the story goes), but also sets the attention/tension aside the action of the images; with the low pass and the titles it's better. Just my opinion
    Purita vida =)

  • @maxr I agree on your observation about the attention/tension related to the grove kind of music videoish, i thik maybe should en on the reflex of him before he enters the room to get her.

  • @endotoxic First of all I want to say I really liked the trailer =)
    I think it's a terrible (good) tension image to see her all crooked in a small dirty room and he goes in... but definitively will cut before - part of it is because he also gets down which renders the scene less scary, maybe right after his shadow hits the door or maximum when we get to see his back blocking the view of her 1'00". It's a very silly idea but I jiust tried to imagine how would it be if at that moment the music changed completely... something classical, je je je

    Being from Lima and all, do you by any chance know the Martinat twins?

  • i dont know them personally but they know people i know from the art circle here in lima.

    Im also a painter with multiple art expositions. Here is my latest work is from 1.5meter x 1 meter

    720 x 405 - 108K