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How do you determine your rate?
  • I was wondering what some of you charged, or took in account when charging, in regards to your half day and full day rates. I recently began talking with a client regarding a documentary and so far I've just been asking many questions just to gauge what he wants for the project and how I should charge him. When talking rates, I understand that you should always ask a lot of questions first and never throw out a number right away, since you never really know how much work you're going to really be doing or how long the actual production will take.

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  • Your half day rate should be more than half your day rate.

  • It goes like this:

    Me: "Well, with a minimum day's pay of $300, then add $300 for the equipment hire, $100 for the consumables, plus my call-out for a one-day job, well, let's just make it a grand."

    Client: "I'll give you a hundred."

    Me: "OK"

  • @goanna We've all been through that at one point in time... lol