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What settings to use in post for Final cut pro X and After Effects???
  • When I'm done shooting I take the SD card put it in my macbook pro and open Final cut pro X. how should I import?? there are a few settings like apple pro244 and so on?

    Then I edit my project. when I'm happy I want to send it to after effects to add some motion stabilizer and magic bullet looks cause FCPX can't handle looks yet. Now should I export it full size?? ok then I get it in AE C5.5 (this time the file was 1,8 Gb). I do my things but its extremely slow cause of the big file.

    then I export it again and put it in FCPX again to add music and then I export it to vimeo (this time the file is 10,5 Gb?????).

    I feel I'm not doing the right thing files are huge and the computer is suffering :).

    would be nice if you (or someone) could describe a step by step how to do it!
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  • Set proper tags, and change topic so it'll reflect your specific question or area you are interested in.
    Now title is very general.
  • Im new at this to... Thanks, think its better now!