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recommended hacks?
  • Hi,i am new and i am also sorry if this isn't the place to post this here,i have a SanDisk Ultra microSDHC UHS-I Card and my question is...which hack is appropriate for this card? the read speed is between 30MB/s and 48MB/s..once again sorry and thanks!

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  • Just read through the different patches in the Top Settings of the forum. Each patch usually tells you which cards work. You won't be able to use every patch out there but most should work for you. Although I don't know if anyone has tested microSD. I'm assuming you already have a fullsize card adapter.

    • 100/60 Mbps GOP3 Cake 2.3 - most stable for long shots
    • 100/60 Mbps GOP3 Flow Motion v2.02 - another stable for long shots
    • 100 Mbps GOP3 The PATCH - new all round candidate
    • 145 Mbps GOP1 Moon T5/T7 / T8 Intra - not stable for long shots

    Use 60 Mbps 24L mode in case of errors with 100 Mbps 24H mode

  • HQ3GOP V12 is very good quality and spans reliably for long recording times. It was designed mostly for PAL 25fps shooting. I use this patch exclusively on my GH2 after trying a lot of other patches. If I need an Intra (GOP1) patch, I use Moon T5 or T7. I believe Moon T8 is also very good. I have not had any success with spanning with any Intra patch.