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Seetec ST699 or Feelworld FW759 1280x800 IPS Monitors
  • )image


    • Peaking Focus Assist
    • Camera 5D II Mode
    • Check Field: Red, Green, Blue, Mono
    • Image Flip - U/D, L/R
    • Screen Marker (80%,85%,90%,93%,96%,2.35:1)
    • Centre Marker
    • 4:3&16:9 image adjustable
    • Pixel-to-Pixel
    • Image Freeze

    Comes with:

    • Sunshade
    • F970 Plate
    • Hot Shoe Mount
    • HDMI lock
    • HDMI Cable

    Price: $144
    Shipping: Price includes fast shipping for US/Canada/UK/Australia&NZ/Western Europe. Ask for any other regions.
    Packing: Includes all items in the list above.
    I want to buy this thing.

    With very slow surface shipping available at -

    I've been looking for a monitor for a good price for a few months now. Still waiting for a used MustHD 701 to pop up (bid too low on the most recent ebay one).

    This one is cheap and has similar features, but not sure about quality. I really like the idea for the controller on the musthd - zooming without touching monitor sounds really helpful. Only really using it for framing and focus, single operator. The oversharp mode on the H056 looked very useful. Most peaking features seem to be useless.

    Anyone have any real world feedback? (Also can't seem to find controller/remote for this

    685 x 538 - 48K
    800 x 581 - 50K
    737 x 440 - 39K
    767 x 389 - 37K
    723 x 633 - 85K
    738 x 547 - 69K
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  • It is good monitor, but with savings on everything you can save on.

    We can add it to deals as Feelworld/Seetec are our long time friends, if you like.

  • seems like a good idea for low budget! goes with my bmpcc i think. great!

  • I will think about this one! I really want the controller too though - but no listings I have seen have it included.

  • Any one receive one of these already? Tempted to get one. If so, will be using it with an NX1 - is there a slightly more expensive alternative I should be considering? Thanks!

  • I got one because of its great price. Used it immediately for filming a wedding that I covered yesterday together with my Nikon D5200, though I discovered when I hit record it drops down to 720. Which is a bummer, didn't realise that before, apparently is an issue with all D5200 cameras.

    Doesn't seem to be working at all with my BMPCC, but I suspect/hope that is just an operator error and is because I haven't had the time yet to properly sort that out.

  • What do you mean it drops to 720? The screen only has 800 lines of vertical resolution anyway so it couldnt use 1080p...

  • I mean the output from the D5200, and it only shows it then in a smaller window within the external monitor.

  • I ordered one on Ebay. When I receive it (maybe next week?) I can report how it works with the NX1, if no one has reported back by then.

  • I also ordered one, but it will likely take a month to arrive :( Will update once I get it - I will be using it with a D750

  • I'll add Seetec analog to deals this week, price will be slightly higher than ebay, but shipping will be express, much much faster.

  • I finally received it today.

    With Nikon D750 it doesn't really display full with overlays. The overlays are on either side and the main display gets cropped.

    On camera menu you have to go to advanced - disable overlays. Also set it to 95% zoom and it displays closer to the whole feed.

    Also note you have to be in movie live view for 1080p output. In photo mode it only goes to 480.

    I attached an intervalometer to the OSD and found that by pressing it it controls the menu key. I then attached a pot between the ground and one of the pins. By changing the resistance it did different things. The connection was really bad, but I think if I can map out the values I can build an OSD wired remote.

    Other quirks are that if you change the camera mode it flips your camera out of LV so you have to re-enter again.

    // Edit So Pin 1 to ground and Pin 2 to ground do different things with different values.

    Pin 1

    R=1 menu

    R=2-3 F1

    R=5 Left

    R=10 mode

    R= 20-50 Right

    Pin 2

    R=1 F3

    R=5 power (but only off)

    R= 10-30 F2

    That's as far as I got, I'm not an expert and I don't really understand how this is designed, sorry. But it's enough for what I want to do - build a remote to trigger 1:1 pixel. Also can trigger F2 and F3 if needed.

  • Seems to work fine with the NX1. In preview and recording mode the image uses all of the pixels and looks good except for the slight banding on solid gray background gradients, that I don't see on the on NX1 LED or viewfinder. Not a deal breaker for me as it's pretty subtle.

    The focus peaking is laid over a monochrome image or a washed out version of the color image. Either mode is not as good as what NX1 offers. Unfortunately, the focus peaking on the NX1 seems to be disable when the NX1 HDMI port is active, so if you are buying the monitor for focus peaking - look elsewhere. That said 1 to 1 pixel mode is good for critical focus and the monitor is high enough resolution that I believe I can live without focus peaking and just trust my eyes.

    The size and weight are really nice and I find myself always looking at the monitor instead of the back of the NX1 so it is a better experience using the 7" monitor and easier to make decisions about image so I am definitely keeping it and have to say - I would not want to be without it.

    I recommend it - especially for the price.

  • I used it recently - need to set scan mode to "just scan" with D750 then it works well.

  • When using this monitor with the NX1, when you go into video record or video record preview (STBY) the image NX1 sends, zooms in a bit, dropping the black bars on the side image and making the image seem more resolved as it appears relatively larger, basically correctly filling the screen of the monitor in record mode. This done automatically by the NX1. Pictures below.

    Seems to be a good inexpensive way to monitor the NX1.

    NX1 HDMI non-recording.jpg
    2994 x 1425 - 643K
    NX1 HDM1 recording.jpg
    3222 x 1525 - 724K
  • The specs mention A/V input. Anyone know if this means the usual SD composite inputs? If so, will it accept both PAL and NTSC, and what kind of scaling options are there for composite signals?

  • Just got mine, and for the price, I'm quiet happy. Plays nice with the BMC Pocket. The only thing that is on my nerves is, that if I go to 1:1 pixel, when I go back, it's in the default scan mode, not the one I set in the menu.

  • Hey can this work on the GH2?

  • Any experience with that one on the gh4?

  • works perfectly on a gh2, though I'm pretty sure you can't use the headphone jack to monitor.

  • Does anyone know if this one works for the bmpcc with its weird HDMI output?

  • @scotchtape got pics to share of your 1:1trigger setup?

    @fatpig, yes it does, I use it with mine all the time

  • @Alexauwa I bought one, it works on my GH4

  • Does focus assistant/peaking work during record on gh2?

  • Does focus assistant/peaking work during record on gh2?

    Well, GH cameras output full res during recording, and peaking does not know if you are recording or not, it is algorithm inside monitor.