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Steadicams vs 3 Axis Gimbals
  • Since the more expensive of the former, such as Blackbird, are comparable cost to cheaper part assembled CAME units. Is it safe to say the older fly-cam/glide-cam type devices have proven inferior to 'active' 3 axis gimbals? In considering purchasing stabilisation for m43rds GH4, where Im shooting quite short takes around 8 seconds of pans and very short track and travels, have 3 axis gimbals made a Fait accompli of older designs?

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  • No, they are different tools.

    Good steadicam with arm and vest can do amazing things, but also have its limitations.

    Also, shooting with quite large camera mounted on gimbal is much harder (after initial learning) from physical POV and also require using of joystick to move camera.

  • @sidecar - if your moves are as short as you describe, why not get a slider?

  • Full agree with Vitaliy on this one. We use sliders, cranes, 3 axis gimbals and steadicams - All in different situations. It's all about picking the best tool for the planned shot(s). There is no one better than the other as they all have their trade offs.

  • @mrbill already have one and have found sliders aren't as good as all that. On particular directions of travel It is more difficult to keep a slider out of shot. It has to be elevated on a tripod/s anyway. And the travel is less than can be had with track and dolly at around 5ft a shot. In the end track and dolly is as easy to manage and more versatile which is why it prevails.

    Although takes are short, because theyre mostly interior shots we do need to keep the camera quite level and square to its surrounds or the perspective distortion looks odd.

  • High level production shots still using sleds.

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