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FS: Complete set of primes w. case and a GH-2 included
  • Hi everyone, I am selling my set of primes: * Noktor 12mm, T1,6 * Canon 24mm F2,8 * Canon 28mm F2 * Canon 35mm F1,8 * Canon 50mm F1,4 * Canon 85mm F1,8 The following is also included: * Panasonic GH2 camera included with a 64GB SanDisk (85Mb write) media, charger and 2 batteries * Pelicase 1500 case with a lifetime warranty * Step up rings and caps on all lenses * 4/3 adapter on every lens for quick swap (except the 12mm which is 4/3 native). * Variable ND filter All the lenses are in great condition, please see attached photos. This is the E-bay listing: I will ship it for free in the EU, Including the GH-2 camera box if you wish. I am willing to offer a better price for the members of this forum, please contact me if interested, or if you have any questions. Please see my other two listings as well, if you are looking for a GF-2 or a 20mm pancake.

    800 x 600 - 679K
    800 x 600 - 673K
    800 x 600 - 666K
    800 x 600 - 646K
    800 x 600 - 877K
    600 x 800 - 743K
    800 x 600 - 1M
    350 x 350 - 79K
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  • I just wanted to mention, as some of you have asked me, that I would sell the kit as lenses only too. Please let me know if interested and I will make an offer. The content would be as follows; * Peli 1500 case * SLRM 12mm T1.6 Lens (Serial 548/117171130) * Canon 24mm F2.5 Lens (Serial 57940) * Canon 28mm F2.0 Lens (Serial 37325) * Canon 35mm F2.0 Lens (Serial 55286) * Canon 50mm F1.4 Lens (Serial 3906929) * Canon 85mm F1.8 Lens (Serial 10117) * dHD Variable ND Filter 72mm (Serial 10006478) With all the step-up rings and caps off course included. Also wanted to mention, although you can see in the photos, that there are 4 FF gears included.

  • UPDATE: As it seems that nobody wants another GH-2, I have relisted the kit with lenses only for a lower price. Please see the new posting here:

  • And now as a 4-day auction

  • How much for the gh2 body!

  • Hi, the GH-2 body is here: For a ridiculously low price, with the original box, 2 batteries and a SanDisk extreme 64GB card, among other things. I encourage you to look at my other sales too- everything must go!

  • Isn't it unusual that the offer is on Dutch ebay page, the location of the lenses and GH2 is in Span, while shipping costs are 50 EUR to Spain and 0 EUR to The Netherlands?!? You wrote that there are no shipping fees within EU ("I will ship it for free in the EU"). I think that you should explain it. Personally, I am not interested in the offer, but some of forum members might be, especially about location of the products in Spain.

  • LOL I know, I joined eBay in 2003 when I was still living in Amsterdam, so I can only sell on the NL page. If the bid gets above the minimum, I will ship it for free in the EU (the case IS heavy). If the winning bid is the minimum one, I think it's only fair to chip in 20€ as it will surely cost me a lot more. BTW, if a buyer is in or around Barcelona, I might accept a slightly lower offer and off course, they can try everything out (I live near Universidad). If anyone has any other questions, please go ahead and ask. Thanks, Alen

  • @crunchy " especially about location of the products in Spain." You make it sound as if the lenses are in an Ebola centre in Liberia. I don't feel like being forced to explain myself by someone who " Personally, I am not interested in the offer", yet takes time to raise suspicion about someone who is on eBay since 2003 and a member here since 2011. I surely must have started plotting some "Spanish scam" 12 years ago, only to unleash it now and have it foiled by you. This is why the serial numbers is all lenses are listed, including the 28mm, bought right here on this forum from member mimirsan before you even joined. Curb your enthusiasm please, people do change countries of residence during their lifetime, and I did offer full disclosure AND encourage all questions.

  • Hi everyone, I have listed the nFDs separately from the 12mm and made them available on US and Canadian eBay as well. The 12mm has it's own listing now and is still EU only (due to ridiculously expensive shipping in Spain). I have sold both GH-2's and the GF-2 and the shipping came out at 35€ for the GH-2's (Germany and Ireland) and 19,50€ for the GF-2 in another province in Spain :) - ridiculous! Anyway, the nFDs are here: and hope to not receive more messages like "The first one is not Canon". For the EU buyers, the SLR Magic hyperprime thread is here at and there are 2 videos and more details. Thanks again everyone and kind regards, Alen

  • @allenswrench Why should I have anything against Spain?!? Just the contrary, I have extremely good memories on Spain. :-) You know why I wrote "especially about location of the products in Spain.". This is referred to Dutch e-bay, since there exists Spanish e-bay as well! There were many scams happening around, so I wanted to warn you to explain it to Forum members first. I have noticed this irregularity about e-bay page and location of the product immediately and it was even more peculiar after checking shipping costs. By the way, I was checking your offer for my friend and not for myself. I wish you luck with the sale and, please, send my greetings to Spain...


  • @crunchy I get it, sorry no offence, it was extremely frustrating... As long as you are just buying things, you don't notice anything, and your same login works on all sites. But to sell something you have to post it on the site where you registered originally... Ridiculous, especially in the EU, could they not just have 1 site with "choose language/currency" option?? BTW iTunes is even worse, just to change the address you have to jump through hoops.