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Disobeying the 180 Degree Shutter Rule
  • Morning all!

    Just wondering what the general consensus is about the 180 shutter rule, how many people absolutely live by it and who likes to bend the rules and why?

    I personally always find myself sticking to the rule, for example always shooting at 24fps and then setting the shutter at 1/50 and then keeping that constant either through the use of an ND filter or sticking the camera in shutter priority mode.

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  • Depends what you're shooting. It's a variable you can use to your benefit. I shoot a lot of physical action and in those cases abide by whatever shutter angle gives the correct and decided upon look. More pop, detail and accentuation in action often calls for shorter exposures pr frame.

  • Would people say you can still make something look film like or not video like if choosing a fast shutter speed at normal motion?

  • There has already been a long discussion about the shutter speed thing here. The conclusion seems to have been, do whatever you want but some people may think you don't know what you are doing.