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My first film review!
  • I can't say I was much a fan of film reviews but I was happy to know that my first review was a positive one.

    Blind is a beautifully shot short film that is at times both unnerving and emotionally wrenching. It is a brilliantly suspenseful film about a young killer who lures his girlfriend to a secluded spot and tries to end her life. It doesn’t go to plan though as she is not quite as innocent as she first seems, it is in fact he who is left bleeding and struggling to keep a hold on life. And thus erupts a cat and mouse game between the couple.

    The film is shown in a random assortment of scenes that at first don’t seem to make any sense or join with one another in any form of order. It’s a strange form that takes a while to get ones head around but once you do it all sort of fits perfectly into place and creates a mesmerizing viewing experience that grasps tight hold of your attention.

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  • It sounds quite like a good short film to feast your eyes and stimulate your brain on. How can I see it?

  • @HillTop1 Sure man the film is on, I'll put a link below.