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Samsung NX1 UHD4k vs 1080p - Rolling Shutter and Resolution Crash Test
  • This is a test shooting the Samsung NX1 in UHD mode 23.98 FPS and 1080p 23.98 FPS - both in PRO mode to see how it handles rolling shutter and resolution loss. My test chart was one of those magazine insert things that always fall out of your magazine when you are trying to read in the subway and someone comes up to you and says, "hey you dropped your thingy." and they want you to pick it up because it's littering but they say it like maybe you want to hold onto the magazine insert, to avoid confrontation. I wonder if the world still needs these magazine insert thingies? Maybe it's time to stop littering, magazine people? Actually I shouldn't be so hard on the magazine people, I love magazines and I need them to keep existing and if it requires them to have these annoying insert thingies, let them be. I need to accept other people for who they are. I am working on this. But anyway back to the test.

    I transcoded using wondershare at -25 contrast - sorry guys I can’t figure out iffmpeg!

    Shot at 800 ASA, 1/60 shutter, 23.98 FPS

    Shot with Leica R 50mm f/1.4 lens at F stop 2.8. Focued on center text with zoom tool.

    I lit it with some weird LED light so that it would flicker a lot and cause even more rolling shutter shenanigans - to see what's going on with the rolling shutter from a scientific perspective. But I'm not a scientist, I'm mostly just faking it till I make it.

    Shot at Gamma DR with master per up +10 and contrast down -3.

    Then I increased resolution 200% then 300% then 400%

    Results - the rolling shutter is so much better in 1080p mode, and the loss of resolution is there - is it enough to bother me ? No, actually I’m not that into resolution anyway - I think rolling shutter is a much greater evil.

    How does 1080p affect the image beyond rolling shutter and sharpness - highlight handling looks similar from this weak test. Color looks similar too. Less resolution and maybe edges less defined might make the image more organic and smoother.

    Woo hoo

    I think we can help make the world love the little Samsung NX1. The little engine that could. The outsider. Next test - Sony A7S 4k to Odyssey 7q in Full frame mode vs Samsung NX1 in 1080p mode. Resolution and rolling shutter and dynamic range and highlight handling.

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  • "Next test - Sony A7S 4k to Odyssey 7q in Full frame mode vs Samsung NX1 in 1080p mode. Resolution and rolling shutter and dynamic range and highlight handling."

    Really, this test makes no sense...

  • I'd like to see Sony A7s against NX1. Especially NX1 in 4k mode.

  • @eddavid can you share the original files from camera?

  • You are right - typo - I want to test 4k sony a7s in aps-c mode (less rolling shutter) vs Samsung 1080p aps-c mode and see the difference in resolution and color handling

  • @MikeLinn Is this graded? If not, this is one pleasant "flat" image SOC. Much better than CinelikeD, looks like more DR as well, I think.