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Need advice, get GH3 or G6?
  • hi folks. I need a body for some documentary work, low budget shorts on vimeo and just for fun. What will be better? buy gh3 and a few vintage cheap m39 lenses or g6 and buy a really good lens like leica, etc?

    thx a lot! greetings from Poland

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  • I think G6 is nice, but is very inferior camera respect to GH3. GX7 wold be more near to GH3, but the GH3 have options for video pro/semipro.

  • G6 is more for budget conscious amateurs video and photo shooter. It has an older generation sensor from GH2 generation which is considered absolute by many people. It does not mean that G6 is unable to produce a high quality video. However, GH3 has several advantages compared to G6 such as better high ISO video and photo, ALL-I frames video, an ability to use a headset to monitor the audio input, HDMI output during video, and weather sealed body.

    It is up to you to decide. If you will use the camera for a non-professional purpose only or if you smart enough to work under G6 limitation for professional use, then G6 is the answer. About GX7, indeed it is a great alternative to GH3 or G6 if you abandon lack of a mic input and swivel LCD.