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Japanese GX7 import is ntsc?
  • I have an option of buying a GX7 that's been imported from Japan (though apparently it's all in English). Does this mean that the camera is essentially NTSC, offering 30p and 60p recording, rather than just 25p and 50p of the EU version? Thanks.

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  • I believe if the GX7 is imported from Japan, but it has all the menu in English, then it must be GX7 PAL Asian version. The good thing is PAL Asian version does not have video recording time limit.

  • Seller says it's the 'international Japanese model', if that means anything. If it really is just a PAL version then that really sucks. I can't find any NTSC models anywhere!

  • What video modes are you planning to use? If it is 30p/60p then the offer is not good for you, but if you plan to use 24p, then any GX7 no matter PAL or NTSC can do that.

  • 30p and 60p are what I'm after. It's for web video you see... despite most of the world using PAL computer monitors are almost exclusively 60Hz, which means that they display 50p content with some judder.