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GH4 - Peaking focus when using ipad and image app software
  • Hello, was wondering if anyone else has had an issue where when using the wifi app on an ipad - focus peaking works, but as sonn as the camera is set into record ( video ) the focus peaking disappears on the ipad. I am able to change the manual focus while record but can't see any peaking. The camera lcd does show it. Is this a software glitch or is it something I have set wrong? I just purchased the GH4 and tested it at a family wedding I attended yesterday. My plan was to set-up the shot and connect the ipad and just sit in the audience with my wife. The shot was including the bride and groom and the minister in 4k. As each spoke I wanted to change the focus slightly to bring each into focus as the minister was a few feet further from the camera. In post I could drop the footage into a 1080 project and pan or enter closer shots through cropping etc. Once the ceremony started I quickly reallized that manually focusing from the ipad without peaking was close to impossible. lesson Learned.

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  • Another cuestion about image app: Is there any possibility of live view in full screen ? I have a Jailbroken ipad and some rooted android devices. Anyone know a tweak for change the screen aspect ratio for live de-squeeze an anamorphic footage?

  • I am wondering the exact same thing atm. Has there ever been a solution or answer to this?