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Nikon weird "I AM Advancing" firmware updates idea
  • Today, Nikon Inc. has announced its new “I AM Advancing” program for owners of Nikon’s line of digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras. By registering with the program, photographers will be able to download advanced firmware updates, adding new functionality to their new Nikon DSLR cameras for up to 3 years. The program aims to reinforce confidence in the enthusiast and professional DSLR markets, and inspire photographers to make the most of their cameras, by connecting people to the latest Nikon software innovations.

    “Nikon has created the most advanced DSLR cameras in the world. Each camera has the potential to advance further as innovation goes forward,” said Kazuyuki Kazami, General Manager of Business Development, Nikon Japan. “We are continuously listening to our customers, and incorporating their needs into our innovations. Many of our new innovations can be offered to our existing customers today, enhancing the value Nikon products and the Nikon brand.”

    The program, which is free to join for registered owners of Nikon DSLR cameras, features a new web site ( with information and software downloads covering a range of products. Each download lets users update their camera firmware with new options and features. After updating, the owner can enable or control the new features using the camera’s menu system.

    Nikon is also announcing the “I AM Advancing” Update Manager software, available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. The new software replaces Nikon’s individual firmware upgrade programs with a single new software program, and reinforces Nikon’s commitment to the “I AM Advancing” brand concept. The program is free to download, and features automatic camera detection, firmware download and management of camera updates.

    Commenting on the new program, Jay Vannatter, SVP Sales and Business Development, Nikon Inc., said: “Each day Nikon thinks about the future, but we know the camera in your hand is the most important one. ‘I AM Advancing’ is about Nikon helping photographers maximize the potential of their Nikon DSLR cameras, from the moment of purchase and into the future.” He added: “This program is a way for Nikon to show a commitment to our customers and to our products.”


    The “I Am Advancing” program is starting with support for 6 full-frame Nikon DSLR cameras: Nikon D750, D810, D800, D800E, D610 and D600. All of the cameras in the program will receive a new White Balance update, containing Nikon’s latest algorithms for high-quality color balance in any light. Each camera is also receiving a brand new “Metallic” Picture Control option, providing photographers with a unique high-contrast setting which is both natural and eye-catching.

    For photographers using Nikon RAW (NEF) mode, the most exciting new feature is Nikon’s new RAW Histogram. This feature displays impressive full-screen histograms for all 3 color channels (red, green and blue) simultaneously, based on data directly from the image sensor. The new feature allows advanced photographers to fine-tune perfect exposure for each shot. RAW Histogram is available for all cameras in the “I AM Advancing” program.

    Finally, Nikon is bringing 2 of the best features of the revolutionary Nikon D810 camera to other cameras in the Nikon DSLR line-up. Nikon’s new “Flat” Picture Control, which allows photographers more options for adjustment in post-processing, is now available for all cameras in the program. In addition, Nikon’s Electronic First-Curtain Shutter feature, which eliminates vibrations caused by the shutter, is newly available for the recently announced Nikon D750 camera.

    Visit the “I AM Advancing” web site ( for the most current and detailed information on new features, supported models, and firmware release schedules.

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  • This follows on the heels of Nikon's clueless introduction of a gratuitously incompatible new format for Picture Control files, effectively orphaning all previous Nikon models which can only use the previous format. Thom Hogan had a suitably disparaging review of Nikon's clumsy firmware and bundled software upgrade efforts:

  • Well, it is Thom. Lot's of stupid suggestions to Nikon as always.