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Panasonic Image App phoning home
  • Today I test-installed the Panasonic image app for Android, closed the firewall for the device and had a look at the network traffic whether and if so whereto it "phones home".

    Without being configured/instructed by the user to do anything on the network, the app (right after pressing the "cancel" button on the initial camera connect screen - didn't want to connect to the camera at this time) places HTTP POST requests with "". At least if that URL is unreachable, the app will also try to contact "" via HTTP.

    Obviously, I won't let my firewall allow this unsolicited "phoning home". I'm not a member of any "Lumix club", I don't intend to become one, and I do not want to share any information about my camera or my images with anyone at Panasonic.

    It's a plague how electronics manufacturers today abuse your InterNet connection as they like without asking for permission and without having any reason to do so.

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  • If they can, why not? Few guys could keep their work :-)