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Noobie, hacked my newly purchased GH2 now will not film properly.
  • Just purchased my first GH2 after coming from a Pentax K10D, after reading about hacking the camera and how great it makes it i thought i would have a go. When i got the camera last week i bought a 32gb /90mbs ultra fast SDcard and it was filming perfect, but when i hacked the camera i keep getting the on screen message that the filming has stopped and the card is not capable of filming. I did put some patches on there too. When i do eventually get it to film it is all stuttering. Is it the card or will it be the patches?

    Great forum hope to here for many a year learning about this somewhat, for me complex Lumix camera. Linz1

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  • Just purchased my first GH2 after coming from a Pentax K10D

    You always do things with big delays? :-)

    Is it the card or will it be the patches?

    Can be either.

  • Yes, thanks for your advice, saved up all year for thi, single mum starting photography business, anyway have a good Christmass.

  • Hi Linz,

    Welcome to the forum!

    What hack/patches did you use and what brand is the SD card? Did it work fine pre-hack? Have you tried going back to vanilla to check the card handles that ok?

    My unqualified hunch would be that it's the SD card and to use a high bit rate hack your best bet is to stump up for the Sandisk Extreme Pro 64Gb 95MB/s card that is recommended all over this forum. Failing that use a lower bit rate hack (or even no hack) until you can warrant shelling out for posh memory (providing it is the card causing the bottleneck :-)

  • Try the L mode for now, until you can redo a lower bitrate patch. There should be no patches left on the card or it might start patching again and cause problems if interrupted. Reformat the card to erase them.

  • Hi, The SD card is a 'Ultra Fast' SDHC 32gig/90mbs and the pathes i hacked were Serenity, Mysteron and Mysteron Burst, i think i will take your advice and just reformat again with no patches see how it goes, otherwise it's a Sandisk card then.

  • hi, i had similar problem.....and the 90MBps on the card is the READ speed and not always the WRITE speed of the card. Depending on the brand. SAMSUNG SDHC/SDxc Pro cards clearly display their Read and Write speed and i have used a 64gb SDXC 80MBps (read) and its MAX Write speed is 45MBps on my GH2 and GH4. So i had to choose carefully what hack i wanted to use on my GH2. So i couldn't use a 70MBps Hack on my Samsung card as it would just STOP recording after a few seconds...or playback would be choppy...Missing frames ect. I have pushed my Samsung SDXC 64gb card to the max on the GH4 shooting slowmo mixed with 24pHD mixed with 4k video mixed with burst pictures and it didn't trip up or freeze on its self, these seem to be very robust cards and are dirt cheap at the mo on ebay and amazon.(see below) here are some vids i shot with the samsung card: This hack eliminates the Blue Chroma Noise thats seen on a GH2 with no hack in low light...

    And this was the Hack i used the most as Chroma (Blue) Noise was NOT present and overall noise was reduced by a huge amount!

    NOTE - Both these videos had in camera Noise reduction (NR) turned OFF / set to Minus. this reduces and eliminates that 'Muddy' Mushy look that appears in Low light detailed shots like brick work or a fence or materials ect. before you splash out on a Expensive card check out the hacks that interest you and do a search on youtube or mainly vimeo as theres an option to download a HD file to compare. Also check out DREWnet on youtube as he gives a detailed insight to GH2 hacks to use on expensive and cheaper cards. NOTE - you WILL need a card reader that displays it CAN read SDXC cards, again about £3 on ebay.

    hope this data overload helps stu

  • @linz1

    When troubleshooting a hack, the first thing you should always do is try a different SD card. Regardless of the card's speed, or the reputation of it's manufacturer, they can all go bad.

    If you have the same problem with a different card, then the culprit is probably the hack. I say probably, because there's always the possibility that you might have two bad SD cards.

  • You can only apply one patch a time. If you want to try another setting, it has to be repatched with that setting. Switching from H to L mode lowers the bit rate without repatching. If the camera crashes on H mode, it may work fine in L mode. If you're out in the field or can't repatch, it's a temporary solution.

  • Stucameraman1, I absolutely love your work especially the blue, clean metallic hue on the first video. I am amazed at what this camera is capable of achieving, in the right hands of course. My problem started when i changed the kit lens, i had been going through my old cameras and used a Olympus OM 1.4 50m prime lens which looks great actually but suffered the same exact problems you have outlined. So i will definitely buy the Samsung card, thank you for pointing out the difference between Read and Write speeds, i was not aware of that. Your work is a real inspiration!