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Review on Benro Aero and where to buy in Europe?
  • Hi, I am in search of Benro Aero S2. Is there any of you that already use this tripod with Lumix G6, GH1, or GH2? What is your opinion? Anyone has any idea where I could buy it in the Netherlands or in the Europe? Thanks.

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  • I bought both the S2 and S4 and promptly returned the S2... just too small for my GH4, and I didn't like the head on it. The S4 is great though. Very light and I like being able to switch quickly to using the monopod. I did have to return one though because the collar in the center column got jammed and I couldn't collapse it. But the other one I had worked flawlessly.

  • I have the S2 (not aero) and I'ts great but do not expect super smooth pans without an OIS lens or a wide angle. Also the normal version does not fit inside a carry on wich is a bit problematic on cheap flights where you have to pay for any accesory.. Does the S4 have couterbalance?

  • @bmorgan and @Adam_Mercier thank you for your inside about Benro S series. @Vitaliy_Kiselev I read the Benro USA website and found that they create Benro Aero S2 and S4 for travelling videographer. It could be use either as tripod and monopod and come with S2 or S4 ball-head. It is different to the Benro topic you point to. I think it is a new generation. Suggested retail price is very attractive, but I cannot found it in the Netherlands.

  • Benro Netherlands has responded to my email. They said that Benro Aero is not available in the Netherlands yet. Retailers mostly sold out the Benro AF2 that @Vitaliy_Kiselev present in his Benro topic thread. It demonstrated that Benro AF2 have a good quality.

    @Adam_Mercier Thank you for pointing out the biggest drawback of S2 (not Aero) is the travelling size when we use cheap flights. I will wait for Benro Aero S2 or if I am not very patient about having new tripod, then I will take the Benro AF2 and accept the travelling size deficiency.