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Music Video graded in Magic Bullet / Color @ Prores 422 HQ
  • Hi Guys!

    Our video Sincity for German singer/songwriter Schmidt is based on a quirky idea and hopefully fun to watch. As the video with the most Facebook Likes receives not only a prize but great exposure, we would kindly appreciate your support. If you like our video, please hit the "Like" button UNDERNEATH THE VIDEO on the GENERO.TV website and please share the clip on your own Facebook and to all of your friends. Above is the link to the video.

    At present I'm unable to post on Vimeo due to rules and regulations attached to music video. I will embed a link as soon as I can, but for now please go to the above link.

    Also now working on developing a short film using the new AVCHD Intra 176mb. It's gonna look amazing I'm sure.

    Thanks for your support guys.
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  • First, change title to something less general.

    Second, do not post sole link to site. If you can, upload video to Vimeo also.