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If any have some idea in patching GH2 to shoot in blue light
  • I have GH2 fnd using Sanity 5 for 2 years. But now I need for any hack to shoot Corals in blue and UV light to show the fluerense of them. The simple Pentax wp making it easy,to improve the white balance The film made Pentax WG3 the fluerense of coral at the end fim

    But I can not do it in Panasonic GH2 or any other DSLR camera, the white point must be higher then 20000K and improve the white point in dark blue. If you have some idea, or any patch for this problem...

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  • Patch has nothing to do with it.

    Why not made normal LED light paired with UV leds?

  • There are the Led light in this aquarium with UV and other color, and the simple Pentax WP easy shooting in UV but I want the Panasonic shooting in UV light too

  • This only color I can made by GH2 in dark blue Led +UV led

  • If we can to rise the color temperature up to 20000K, the GH2 have only 10000K

  • This is video by GH2 in the simple Led white light , but the coral are not fluerenses in this light

  • Do you read that I offered?

    Get simple white led panel and replace around 50% of leds to UV leds.

  • This is the normal Aquarium led light with UV a other leds the simple pentax can make video but GH2 can not?

  • Some corals are not fluerense in such light the 50% white and 50% UV They need for blue 450-470 nm

  • Understand, yet it has everything to do with processing. Check all the options camera offers and consults people who are good in color grading also, like @shian .

  • Ok thanks, I'm trying many options in gh2 camera and some DSLR, Canon5 olympus and other cameras but they cannot shoot in this light and improve the white point, may be for PentaxWG3 is underwater so it easy do it,,,

  • but they cannot shoot in this light and improve the white point, may be for PentaxWG3 is underwater so it easy do it,,,

    I doubt it. You have different leds, and all of them are not really very good, so it does not really have proper whitepoint.

  • To Vitaliy Thanks for idea some corals are fluernse with 50% white and 50 % UV led Now i'm trying to make film...

  • Thanks, but the are no problem in lighting my own aquarium. I can light it in any led and make any color I want. The problems in other peoples aquariums I need to shoot. Some have another light mostly in 420-500nm The corals switched their colors in various light

    And I thought If the simple underwater Pentax camera can proved the whitepoint why the DSLR it can not do The GH2 can photo till 10000K Canon 15000K but Pentax underwater can shooting and proved whitepoint in more higher K If is it only depends on sensor type? or there are the programs limit?

  • So different corals start lights at different wavelengths is not possible, just to cover separately the different LED and filters much easier to correct the white point when shooting. in specific place. If uncorrected the white point does not help edit the RAW file, no filters.