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Sony films leaked...we're making a list ...
  • We're making a list...and we're reading it twice ! It appears that sony's digital movie files were hacked and widely shared . The interesting part of the article is the fact that they're tracking every downloader's ip address. As well, naming the company doing the tracking. What will be a pity is they'll arrest some poor chump who downloaded it for his own livingroom pleasure, while the 50 or so worldclass piraters , who download it and then sell millions of dvd's , won't be touched ...nor scared away by the sensational prosecution...of that poor chump !

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  • It all sounds very strange. Especially idea to scare torrent users.

  • Now Sony doesn't have to spend $300 million marketing some movies nobody wants to see. All is good in Hollywood :)

    Big box office isn't as important as it used to be:

    the point is clear: the motion pictures business is no longer about theatrical performance. Success at the box office performance, of course, still matters – and will be strongly correlated to licensing and merchandising value – but the goal is largely to recoup costs, not reap profit. Individual films, too, matter less than ever.

  • they alluded to this in the first article but this is getting interesting ! Don't you just love it when the real world collides with supposed fictions !

  • Every year, film companies send out or provide several movies to the academy members so they can see them and vote for the Oscars. Since I've seen the Fury one (they always have "This is for academy members for voting" or something like this in captions that pop up every few minutes) I wonder if it was these files that were hacked.

  • @chauncy- my guess, because those are already on dvd , available, and easily copied...and thanks to the members of the academy...always shared to the world-wide community. In the discipline, they're called "for you consideration" copies. Somewhat less quality than a commercial dvd that's been ripped, but far better than a torrent copy. From the reaction, I'd guess these films were at least bluray masters. Also I'm seeing many pirated dvd's from bluray masters, as well as blurays. They, the dvd's, also have cinevia and the pirate'rs can't figure how to remove it. The movie, even if dvd, if played on bluray players, will stop it's audio after 20 minutes. Maybe these are masters that haven't even had the protection applied. I'll buy one on the list tomorrow at the market and let you know !