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GH4 2-axis digital level is wrong
  • I got my new GH4 from B&H yesterday and the 2-axis digital level is incorrectly reporting the horizon level. If I set it on a table, it reports the horizon level as being somewhat off balance while the GH3's level is proper. I tried resetting everything and the problem, defect, or glitch still exists. I believe the firmware version is 1.1; if there's a newer one, I could try updating, but I have doubts it'll fix the problem. Has anyone experienced this problem? Any suggestions? It looks like I may have to send it back and exchange it for a replacement.

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  • Firmware won't fix the problem. As well as forum :-)

    Just go to service center and they will fix it (it is software calibration).

  • Service center? I live in NW Ohio. Thanks for your quick reply btw.

  • No matter where you live. Call Panasonic and send it to service center.

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