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Filming a Wedding with the BlackMagic!
  • I'm a firm believer that the best practice is to get out there and film, and not just of static plant life (unless you're contracted by National Geographic). I recently acquired the BlackMagic Camera (not the pocket), and I wanted to film a wedding with it. The camera, rig, and battery pack were a combined 35 lbs, so while filming the wedding it felt as if I were working out the whole time. Although I'm sure that the weight issue might of had something to do with me not balancing the rig correctly, I still came out with a wedding that I was proud of. While I don't suggest filming a wedding with the BlackMagic Camera, the flat profile and dynamic range really helped out in a pinch. All in all, I'll need to start some weight lifting if I'm to shoot more weddings with it but I think I prefer the dynamic range it gives me over the resolution of my GH2. Check out my wedding and enjoy!