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m43 to MD lens adapter problems?
  • Just wondering if anyone can give some insight as to why a Minolta md lens adapted to the RJ speedbooster for the bmpcc with a dumb adaptor ring doesn't work? The flange distance is correct because i have a md-m43 dumb adaptor and the total flange distance is the same. My md lenses work fine so after getting the RJ speedbooster .71x I then got a dumb md-eos adapter ring thinking it would work fine and nada.. lens is focusing past the sensor? They make a md-eos adaptor with glass but not sure why that would be necessary when md's work fine on m43 with no glass and no focal reducer.

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    Check this and you understand why it does not work :-)

    You know that you can get RJ adapter for Minolta, right?

  • By adapter I'm assuming you mean a non focal reducing one? Not a m43-md focal reducer right? I can get the adapter that has a glass element to correctly project the MD image onto the EOS sensor but not necessarily change the angle of view..

  • Minolta MD/MC can't be used with EOS without a glass element (and all of these make a crappy image), since the flange distance is shorter than EOS. Get something with a longer flange distance, like Contax/Yashica…

  • Ahhh yes ! , the reviews of the md-eos adapters are quite bad , looks like I'll be getting another RJ speedbooster. Love the EOS version super sharp and nice angle of view..