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Compression not supported and other weird problems with .MTS files
  • I am working on a project of mine, which was shot with a hacked GH2 and a hacked 5dmkii. I did much of the editing a while back, but then i had to change computer; including a transition from windows 7 to windows 8.1; i started editing the project in PP & AE CC back on my old machine and all was fine. but recently - it seems like it happened with the big 2014 update (as i am obviously not the only one who has issues) - i am having trouble with my .MTS files from the GH2. I use them outside the stream folder structure as individual files. and i had the weird bug, where i had to rename folders to make my files work in Premiere after the update (as they suggest as a workaround in the official forums). But now, i am having problems with the MTS files outside of premiere too. I wanted to make proxy files out of some of them, or check them out with gspot. something is wrong with the compression format, the codec or something. i tried re-installing quicktime (i think to recall that the mts is a mpeg2 wrapper) with no luck. does anybody have an idea what it might be?

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  • If you want to use those files "outside" of their native folder structure you HAVE to transcode to something else. Period. The files are broken into short spanned clips of separate video & audio and then combined within the computer to see a composite, complete shot. So ... that wasn't a 'weird bug' but that you were confusing the computer by taking those files OUT of their organized "home" and it couldn't find the other necessary pieces.

    So ... starting BACK in their "native" folder structure (just as copied out of the camera) use Prelude or PrPro or whatever to transcode them to say DNxHD or ProRes or some "standard" H.264 like in a mov wrapper ... and THEN you can use them & move them & rename them anything you want, the audio & video will be in one file.