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A good removable camera strap for the GH2
  • I wondered if anyone knew of any decent removable camera straps for the GH2.

    I've always been a bit peeved that the camera strap eyelets on the GH2 move, if you move the camera around a little vigurously these things hit the camera and make a noise. To be honest your footage would probably be jello mess if you did this anyways.

    My main issue is since getting a steadicam i had to take the strap off as it was just a nightmare balancing with it on. However i rarely use the steadicam so would like a strap from time to time, one that's more easily removed than the stock one with its threaded knot and slider.

    Anyone know of a good one?
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  • I suggest to look at ebay.
    Bunch of such stuff.
    I do not think that you need specific GH2 one :-)
  • My favorite is the Carry Speed CS-2B, as it has nice shoulder padding that actually makes a big difference. Unfortunately, they don't seem to be selling that model any longer.

    The other nice thing about the Carry Speed straps (as well as some of the Chinese models out there) is the strap mount has a 1/4"-20 hole so that you can mount it on a tripod on it even though the strap mount uses the camera's tripod mount.

    Beyond that, have a look at the Black Rapid sling straps (or the numerous clones on ebay). They're all pretty much the same.