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20 Megabyte a second setting
  • I think you guys are gonna love this.

    Sorry but on the road for a few days so may be slow to respond. All the detail is on my blog. Dunno how to upload file here so if someone wants to download it and add it that would be great. In summary.................


    Once in a while a revolution occurs that sets up the little guys for success. For sooooo long it has impossible to get a combination of an affordable large sensor camera that is; good in low light, that has minimal aliasing, that has a great codec, that has interchangeable lenses, that is convenient enough to put in your pocket, that is small enough to shoot without attracting attention etc. That is until the GH2 came along. But oh the codec – what a disappointment. Although it was 24 Mb/sec AVCHD those of us who were used to HDMI capture were never satisfied. Mud, compression artifacts and poor colour grading potential. UNTIL NOW!!!!!

    A well known hacker in the GH2 community called Vitaliy permitted me to be part of the HDMI beta testing team but it became clear that in camera recording was so much more convenient and recquired fewer tricks. So……….. I tweaked and tweaked until I came up with a patch that gives all wanna be indie movie makers quality that they only dreamed of months ago IMHO. This patch will in most cases give you sustained 20 megabytes a second data. That is close to Cineform data rates. In fact conversion to Cineform has a similiar data rate. Stock up on SD cards and batteries – your gonna love it!!!!! I have 6 now as the average data rate will be about 1,2 Gigabytes a minute. If the files do not span that means an average take of 3 and a bit minutes. You need the Class 10 Sandisk extreme 30 MB/sec cards HD Video. Avoid UHS1 cards for now. No real issues as far as stability goes as long as you follow the simple rules. Use manual lenses or use your Panansonic micro four thirds lenses in Manual mode and focus prior to shooting.

    If you are interested in colour grading with Cineform looks check out my post here and I have included some free looks.

    Thank you Vitaliy. YOU ROCK!!!!!

    Ladies and Gentlemen. I Present to you the Holy Grail of independent movie making…………….. the Henry Olonga Holy Grail patch for the GH2


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  • Thanks for posting, Hendry.

    But can you not only provide link to your blog?

    We also usually use one of the big topics. And not bunch of separate.
  • No worries boss. I know my way around positing on my blog so attaching files and linking is easier. I know you prefer separate topics but it gets hard sometimes to track stuff buried in other topics. Up to you if you want to move it.
  • About adding files, it is easy. I think you see "Attach a file" link?
  • is this patch for HDMI capture only? and when can we see samples? what is the GOP?
  • Henry, thanks for sharing your settings. Glad they're working well for you.

    @PerryWilson - looking at the .ini, it appears to be GOP3, 180 mbs. There are also some tweaks for the MJPEG mode, but I'm guessing Henry's comments refer to the 24H mode.
  • looks good man, but Ill stick with my QuantMeBaby
  • x4 all round HenryO. edit: fail.
  • UPDATE: @HenryO its a nono. Its still not quite right mate, but for a lot of recordings will be ok. :-)
  • Charts please. And please attach your files here. No need to move out of the forums.
  • @HerryO, your patch really do look good. You have to check out the original files.
  • I've shot (24 P H Mode) with Sandisk 32 GB 45 MB/s: Records breaks after 4 or 5 seconds.
    Second shot (24 P H mode also) with Sandisk 8 GB 30 MB/S: REcord breaks after 10 seconds.
  • Avoid uhs1 cards sandisk 45mb/s, it only work with sandisk extrem pro 3
  • The images look great but anything more than moderate detail crashes every card I have tried.
  • I'm having Write-Errors on my 8GB &16GB Class 10 Sandisk Extreme 30MB/s cards. I can only record about 10-30 seconds before it craps out. Is it safe to lower the bitrate down until it becomes stable? I'd like to lower to 170 and see if that helps or maybe I can do AQ3

    Looks GREAT though :D
  • Does this work well with Nanoflash external recorder. U mentioned some hassles.
  • Henry, This is turning out to be Holy Fail rather than Holy Grail. Its close to being stable but you need to test it more. wotsit like on AQ3?!
  • @driftwood, harsh words there...
    After a few short (1-2min) initial test clips, it seems MUCH more stable with AQ3
    About to check for cadence problems now
  • Yeah I couldn't resist it though... ;-) He knows Im joking, Henry is widely respected - when he announces something its usually BIG news. It's a bloody good setting and I think if he tunes it more he's onto reliable AQ4. B ut yeah, its excellent with AQ3. What Henry's done is got the frame limit & frame buffers just right with the bitrate and I know how long that must have taken. Top work. :-)
    And, for the record, Henry's setting boots my 132M patch into oblivion. Its much better.
  • This has a certain 'Man falls off bike sensation!'
  • Holy fail LOL. You crack me up.

    Sorry guys but like I said I am away from main internet. Ah yes AQ3 setting may give better stability. Sorry guys but I had no failures when I tested it in good light yesterday. It is pushing the limits so hey perhaps I got lucky. The bit rate can be turned down a bit as well I suppose. For what it is worth 20 meg constant out of this camera is astounding so lets enjoy it.

    @Driftwood Would love your 186 gop1.Is it constant? The quantmebaby gave was amazing but didnt give consistent rates in my experience
  • "Avoid UHS1 cards for now."

    Ah crap.

    I just ordered and received two SanDisk 32GB, Class 10 Extreme cards( SDSDRX3-032G-A21 ):

    It has UHS-1 on the cover.

    These SanDisk cards are so confusing and hard to find the right ones.

    So the cards I bought above are not suitable for GH2 hacks? Especially the news hacks that are being developed?

    Anyone working with a SDSDRX3-032G-A21 UHS-1 card? Is it working fine for you? Do I have to return mine to get the hacks to work?

  • @svem - I think you're good. We're using the card you listed with great luck. If I understand correctly, these are the ones to avoid:

    @all - I loved the old 132 gop 3... until gop 1 started really working... hard to imagine going back to gop 3 now, though for sure we'll give it a try.
  • @svem low level format them then theyll be fine Ive found.
  • @driftwood

    The GH2 menu doesn't seem to have low level formatting. I remember my Canon t2i having low level format option in the menu but I haven't seen it or found it in the GH2 yet.

    What method or software do you use to low level format out of the camera?
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