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Hopes for next FW update for GH4
    • auto iso in M for video with EV control (EV control for photos too)
    • auto iso limiter or range for video
    • every menu item programmable to every Fn (at least video AF, maybe not format)
    • AE/AF lock on-off-on-off usage during video recording
    • possibility to save camera setup with all C-memories. Now you can save family members to camera memory, why not camera setup with names like indoors, outdoors, sports, 4k, etc. Now there are too few C-memories.
    • focus peaking in AF-mode (if processor has power for it, helps monitoring AF)
    • sharpness setting in EVF and monitor (easier to monitoring focus)
    • stepless aperture change in video if possible
    • iso 50 or 100 would be handy for video in bright light
    • NIGHT MODE: if using slower than 1/25s shutter in video, camera should go automatically to proper manual mode maybe with warning
    • more songs (maybe mp3 load option) to slideshow and simple crossfade option when viewing photos. Music option for video slideshow also.
    • OIS modes for video: Action and steady or OIS freeze button option for static shots.
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  • Exposure Compensation functional in manual mode to adjust target exposure of AutoISO (photo and video)

    AEL to lock AutoISO in manual mode (photo and video)

    I also would like one push AE to work correctly. It seems to have changed

  • I'll echo the iso < 200!

    (Not sure if it could be remedied with firmware update) Audio and autofocus in variable frame mode would be great!

  • Faster scan rate to reduce rolling shutter in 4k. Probably not possible in firmware though. ISO down to 50 or as low as possible. Higher bit rates for 4k including an all-i option of possible, even if its a little wonky. 10-bit video internally, even if 1080 only. I don't care about the color/res as much. Just the bits. Post-plasticity is way more important than accuracy for me. Improve the all-i codec. Nothing else for me, but I'm an all-manual and experimental sort there are probably a lot of important shortcomings others I don't encounter.